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The Fall 1997 semester is officially the last semester for the CAPOW project.  Dr. Rudy Rucker, from the San Jose State University Math/CS department, has been organizing the project since 1994, with Dr. Martin Wildberger from EPRI as the project liaison.  The students on the current project team are:

Past Teams
(leaders in green)
Spring Alan Borecky 
Andrew Chu 
Howard Lin 
Charles Miller
David Kent 
Juyoung Lee 
Tuyen Ly 
Ping-Chak Wong 
Darrel Cherry 
John Briere 
Bang Nguyen 
Thai Truong 
Juliekara Techasaratoole 
Rajaneekara Techasaratoole 
Michael Ling 
Andrew Forster 
Loc Ho 
Lorrie Tanabe
Fall Juyoung Lee 
Tuyen Ly 
Bob Westergaard
Jerry Chang 
Ning Tian
Chi Pan Lao 
Otto Leung 
Darin Levy 
James Kroutch 
Siu Ming Tong
Andrew Forster 
Michael Ling 
Rong Liu 
Ted Colbert