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Note that Capow continues to work well in the latest versions of windows,
including XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Capow 2007, December 31, 2007

The Capow 2007 download is 40 Meg, including:
   (a) Windows executable and help files for CAPOW 2007. We now use .chm HTML style help files compatible with Windows Vista.
   (b) Windows executable for a variant build, BORDERMAKER CAPOW 2007, which is useful for making narrow images for web page borders (see my webzine Flurb for examples).
   (c) Windows screensaver version capow.scr.
   (d) Many loadable parameter files, some with start-patterns, which can be used to reproduce the illustrations in my nonfiction book, The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul.
   (e) Complete C++ source code for the executables and for the additional rule files. (Builds were done with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0).

Release Note: The December 31, 2007 release is the same as the May 14, 2007 Release except that we now use .chm HTML style help files compatible with Windows Vista. If you have a May 14, 2007 version and don't feel like doing a new download, you can view a version of the help online.


1) When you click Download, you'll download the from Choose the Save File... option and save to your desktop where it's easy to find. Once you've finished the installation, you can delete

2) Windows has an unzipper built in, or you can use a 32 bit version of WinZip to unzip Tell the unzipper to unzip its files into the C:\ directory or the D:\ directory. It will create a CAPOW 2007 directory with some subdirectories, and will copy all the files you need into it. At this point CAPOW 2007.EXE is fully installed, and you can run it by double clicking it in Windows Explorer.

3) If you want to install the screensaver, move CAPOW.SCR from the CAPOW 2007directory into the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 subdirectory. You can move the file by using Windows Explorer (the file tool, not the web browser). If you don't see the capow.scr file in Windows Explorer, then Windows Explorer is hiding it from you, and you must click on the button at Tools| Folder Options|View|Advanced Settings| Hidden Files and Folders|Show Hidden Files and Folders.

4) To activate the screensaver, right click on your Windows desktop to bring up a menu. Select Properties to get the Properties dialog. Select the Screensavers sheet of the dialog. Select CAPOW.SCR in the combo box at the lower left. You can use the Settings... button to open a dialog to change the screensaver settings. Information about the settings can be found under the Screensaver topic in CAPOW.HLP, which will be in your CAPOW 2007 directory.

5) If by some remote chance you are installing onto an ancient Windows95 machine, you may need to search the web to find the files OPENGL32.DLL and GLU32.DLL and put these into your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, so that the 3D graphics mode will work.