Free Downloads of the Software Used for the Figures in

The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul

Capow.gif (12189 bytes)

CAPOW   Continuous-Valued Cellular Automata

Cellab.gif (4250 bytes)

CELLAB.  Discrete-Valued Cellular Automata Laboratory

Rhorse.gif (19120 bytes)

James Gleick's CHAOS: The Software

Boppers.gif (4352 bytes)

BOPPERS.  Artificial Life Laboratory.

Kaptau.gif (4199 bytes)

KAPPA TAU. Ribbon Space Curves.

Hycube.gif (3372 bytes)

HYPERCUBES. Tumbling Hypercubes in Hypercube98, and Hyperspace Invaders from 2003.

The POP FRAMEWORK Framework for computer games.