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“Billy’s Book” by Terry Bisson (Illos by Rudy)

I just spent a week or so getting Terry Bisson‘s wonderful volume, Billy’s Book back into print in three editions from my Transreal Books. We did an edition in 2011, but now we’re back, and better than ever.

This cover is by Lisa Roth. Book summary:

True crime for kids. Or is it the happy childhood you never had? Thirteen tales. A wry, fantasy children’s book to make adults laugh. Reminiscent of such greats as James Thurber and Lemony Snicket. Penned by SF troublemaker Terry Bisson, and illustrated by transreal cyberpunk Rudy Rucker.

Author Bisson himself. Here’s our first three buy links:

Billy’s Book: True Crime for Kids is out in two forms. Firstly as a text-only paperback on Amazon. The text-only paperback will also show up in other online stores.

Billy’s Book: True Crime for Kid is, secondly, available as an illustrated ebook on Amazon, and will be on other sites such as Apple Books, B&N, Kobo, etc. Universal ebook link.

Billy after the ants ate him… The book is also available as a large-format kids picture book. Here comes our fourth buy link.

Billy’s Picture Book. Large color-illustrated paperback on Amazon.

The cover, and interior illos, are by Rudy Rucker.

Idealized image of Rudy.

Go git one! Or the Withc will come for you. (And, yes, her name is supposed to be spelled WITHC. See T. Bisson, op. cit.)

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