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*Two new books out in ebook and paperback today!
* Transreal Trilogy and All The Visions.
*Click the cover images below to visit the book pages.

Transreal Trilogy book page.

Transreal Trilogy includes three of my “transreal” novels, that is, SF about my own life.
* The Secret of Life: A 60s college student learns he’s a saucer alien.
* White Light: A hipster math professor travels to the afterworld.
* Saucer Wisdom: A troubled author tries to write about alien abductions.

All The Visions book page.

All the Visions is a short autobiographical novel that I wrote in 1983. Wanting to emulate Jack Kerouac’s composition of On the Road, I typed All the Visions on an 80-foot scroll of paper instead of using separate sheets. The book describes the adventures of Conrad Bunger: mathematician, writer, seeker, rebel, freak.

Browse Transreal Trilogy and All The Visions for free on their book pages.
Buy the books at Transreal Books.

Many thanks to the 170 people who backed this publication project on Kickstarter.
It’s a new world in publishing.
And I’m still rockin’.

The mystery tour is now boarding.

3 Responses to “Two New Books! TRANSREAL TRILOGY & ALL THE VISIONS”

  1. ej Morgan Says:

    Hey Rudy! I’m thrilled to have the Transreal Trilogy and All the Visions, to have been a Kickstarter for them, AND to hear that you’re still rockin’ the page. I just sent the mobis over to my Kindle. In what order should I read to get the total transreal effect? Secret of Life or All the Visions first? As a semi-transrealist writer myself, I love this concept and totally relate to composite characters. You are inspiring me to carry on this fine tradition. (I thought one such novel might be enough for me to write, but NEVER say never!) I say “semi transrealist” (for myself) because I’m pretty light on the SF aspects. Although I did include ancient aliens, alien abductions, and Sirian spores in my AKS novel 😉 Can’t wait to dive in to your transreal territory. Let me know which one first. Thanks again!

  2. Rudy Says:

    Thanks, ej. I guess logically you might read ALL THE VISIONS before SECRET OF LIFE, as I wrote VISIONS first. But some people prefer the SF flavor, so they might want to go straight to SECRET and postpone VISIONS.

    I looked at the web page for your novel, A KINDRED SPIRIT called AKS for short. Sounds like fun…and I admire anyone who uses Phil Dick in the afterlife as a character. Write another? Hell yeah!

    I wrote a kind of Phil Dick visions piece once, couching it as a scrap of memoir. It’s called “Haunted by Phil Dick,” and it’s about two encounters that I had with postmortem PKD figures, although maybe I was exaggerating for effect when I wrote about them. That transreal jive. You can find the piece online in my COLLECTED ESSAYS, which is up for free browsing.

  3. ej Morgan Says:

    Great! I’m going to dive into Visions this weekend. I have your Collected Essays on my Kindle from a couple of years ago. I’m pretty sure I read your PKD piece back then, but I’m going to read it again now. If you clicked on my site, did you see this post? I read your “ware” books way back, and have your “57th Franz Kafka” short story collection (1983 Ace, a bit yellowed but looks great!) I hadn’t understood your transrealist concept until Patrick Clark pointed it out to me. I was thrilled to have a name for my idea of weaving Phil (and many other real people and events) into my story! I debuted my novel at the first Phil fest in Colorado and was sad I didn’t get to meet you at the second one in Cali. Anyway, it’s fun communicating with you now. More after I read some of this…

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