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“In Her Room.” My BETTER WORLDS Art Book: Paper and PDF.

I finished another painting recently.

“In Her Room,” oil on canvas, September, 2013, 22” x 22”. Click for a larger version of the painting.

This is a painting of our bedroom, showing my wife’s mirror and some of the things on her dressing-table. That painting on the left is by her, it’s called Kate Croy. I got the idea for the painting when I was coming into our room, and it was dark, and the hall-light behind me was on, haloing my silhouette in light, and I saw myself in the mirror. I like the little objects on the dressing-table, they’re like symbolic icons in a medieval portrait. That green shape is a bridge between two realities.

I put together a revised 2013 edition of my art book, Better Worlds. The book includes high-quality images, and a descriptive catalog of my paintings. {And I revised the book yet again in early January, 2014.}

You can access the book in two ways. First of all, you can buy it as a quality paperback. This high-quality art book sells for well under the list price of $25.

I’ve also made a free and lightweight PDF file. This small 2K file includes all the book’s text, that is, the picture-by-picture catalog commentary, but with only small thumbnails of the paintings.

And, as always, you can browse large images of my paintings on my paintings page.


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  1. NG Says:

    Mr. Rucker, I’ve been a fan of you’re for a few years now. Spaceland was the first book of yours I read. I’v bought Postsingular and its sequel at a Chapters, here in canada. It’s been hard to find the newer books in stores, like Turing & Burroughs and Jim and The Flims. Are your newer works available in stores like Barnes&Nobles and Chapters etc? I did read one entry where you said you were having trouble getting them released by publishers. I know they’re available from your site. Are they also available in big retail stores?

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