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Hard Sell By The Louisville Artist

Did you know that I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky? Here’s a new oil-painting I did, kind of a parodistic self-image riff, it’s called “Louisville Artist.” And the woman? Well, she might be my muse, or my wife, or a Japanese-Californian wetware engineer character from the next novel I hope to write.

“Lousville Artist,” oil on canvas, October, 2012, 24” x 20”. Click for a larger version of the image.

And that’s me on the right of course. Shirt all untucked and with no fingers on my hands, I’m here to buttonhole you, urging you to buy a copy of my new novel Turing & Burroughs.

I’ve knocked the price of the ebook down to $3.95, and we’ve got paperback editions for less than $16 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Still unsure? I’ve got some background info on the book’s home page, including a Locus Online review by Paul De Filippo.

And you can browse the whole book as a web page!

I’m looking for readers here, minds to feed, souls to win. So I’ve even got a whole range of free downloadable Creative Commons licensed editions. Read the whole darn thing for free, if you want.

But it’d be nice if you’d buy a version.

The book’s a lot of gnarly fun.

5 Responses to “Hard Sell By The Louisville Artist”

  1. Justin Patrick Moore Says:

    I’ve got my paperback copy and it’s beautiful with a nice & gnarly Rudy cover. His daughter did the design work and it is fab. The real pleasure is in the text.

    Funny, I found a used copy of Peter Lamborn Wilson’s “Pirate Utopias” last week… flipping through it he was talking about how Tangier was reminiscent of the Pirate Utopia of Sale he spent so much time writing about.

    …delve into a slug infused Interzone.

  2. JamesPadraicR Says:

    Ha! I saw the print edition listed on B&N last Friday and ordered it straight away–along with The Hacker and the Ants v.2, I read the original a few years ago and have wondered what the differences are, was surprised to see it listed.

    I’ve been wanting to read Turing & Burroughs since you sarted talking about it here. Sounds like lots of fun.

  3. yamma Says:

    That is NOT a picture of your wife.

  4. Dianne Says:

    the photography is great, as always!

  5. Steve H Says:

    It’s a cool book, Rudy. I think it would have escaped soon if you hadn’t released it. Probably melted and got away down a drain . . .

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