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Paperbacks of Craddock’s BE NOT CONTENT and Rucker’s COMPLETE STORIES

Transreal Books is now publishing quality paperbacks as well as ebooks. As well as our five ebook titles, we now have three volumes out in paper, with more to come.

Be Not Content is a coming-of-age novel set in San Jose, California, in the mid 1960s—describing William Craddock’s experiences as a young acid-head. This is a hip, profound, and wonderfully-written book, a unique chronicle of the earliest days of the great psychedelic upheaval. Be Not Content is filled with warmth and empathy, tragic at times, and very funny in spots, a wastrel masterpiece where laughter plays counterpoint against the oboes of doom.

A mystical underground masterpiece, available in paperback and ebook via Transreal Books. If you want the paperback, it may be easiest to buy it direct from Amazon.

All of Rudy Rucker’s science-fiction stories, a trove of gnarl and wonder in two volumes.

Complete Stories, Vol 1. includes stories from 1976 through 1995, ranging from the cyberpunk to the transreal. As well as Rucker’s solo stories, we have collaborations with Bruce Sterling, Marc Laidlaw.

Complete Stories, Vol 1. includes stories from 1996 through 2011, with fifteen previously uncollected tales. As well as Rucker’s solo stories, this volume features collaborations with Bruce Sterling, Marc Laidlaw, Paul Di Filippo, John Shirley, Terry Bisson, and Eileen Gunn.

Available as a single ebook or as two paperbacks via Transreal Books . Or, if you’re after the paperbacks, it may be easier to get them direct from Amazon: Volume One and Volume Two.

8 Responses to “Paperbacks of Craddock’s BE NOT CONTENT and Rucker’s COMPLETE STORIES”

  1. Alex Says:

    Great news! I’ll buy all those 3 books for sure.

    I think I’ll get from Amazom, as it looks more simple that way.

    The Transreal site ordering process is very complicated, as it goes to the createspace site
    and then after many forms, to another site for payment, and even then it doesn’t offer Paypal.

    Why not just add Paypal “Buy Now Buttons” to the Transreal site? Or does the createspace deal have to be exclusive for them?

  2. Rudy Says:

    Alex, it’s fine if you get our paperbacks via Amazon. I do get a higher royalty on the purchases via the CreateSpace page, but I’m happy if you buy our books at all.

    I checked out the CreateSpace purchase routine, and I see that it does involve more steps than an Amazon purchase. To some extent this is because you’d be setting up a new CreateSpace customer account at the same time. The first time that someone buys something via Amazon they also have some extra steps setting themselves up as a customer. But I agree it’s a bit of a hassle.

    Sometimes people in foreign countries have problems buying things via Amazon, and it may be good to have the alternate CreateSpace sales channel for them.

    Yes, the PayPal “Buy Now” links that I use for my ebook sales are the simplest purchase method. But I’m not sure I can set up similar buttons for purchase of these paperbacks. I’ll look into it.

  3. Johnathan Says:

    Just stopped in to say I just bought the ebook of your collected stories. What luxury: I’m in the middle of nowhere in Istria and was able to get my hands on your book in about 60 seconds flat. Hooray for the future!

  4. Craig Says:

    When will Complete Stories Volume Two be available in digital form?

  5. Rudy Says:

    Craig, the ebook version contains both Volume One and Volume Two of the Complete Short Stories. I just happen to use the same cover for the ebook and for the print volume one.

  6. Rudy Says:

    Two good articles/reviews of BE NOT CONTENT this week.

    Santa Cruz Weekly has a cover story this week, backed up by two excerpt articles.

    Big review by a Wired editor Steve Silberman

  7. Craig Says:

    It feels like I won the lottery, except I still have to work on Monday.

  8. Rudy Says:

    Here’s the online San Jose METRO arcticle about Billy and BE NOT CONTENT

    And here’s the new Facebook page about Billy, although I think you need to sign onto Facebook to see it

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