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Ware Tetralogy Online Now

A free ebook version of The Wares Tetralogy is now online at

The Prime Books paperback is available in stores and from online booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books, and others.

And the commercial ebook version is available for purchase as well. Check out this awesome tome and leave a comment below.

Into the light, my friends, into the light…

41 Responses to “Ware Tetralogy Online Now”

  1. riley Says:

    Thanks for your generosity. I look forward to reading. I have not read your works before, but when William Gibson recommended you on Twitter I decided I should look you up. I can’t wait to fire up my ereader on the tram ride home tonight. Thanks again.

  2. Jonathan Rose Says:

    Thank you for making this available as a download. I read the first two in paperback many years ago, and many of your books afterward (The Hollow Earth may be my favorite), but haven’t read any in the last ten years. Drifted away from science fiction for awhile, but after finding your website, I’m reading again and now have to collect your tomes that I’ve missed.

  3. stratospark Says:

    Wow! I still want a printed copy of my own. Any book signing events planned around the Bay Area? Thanks Rudy!

  4. haineux Says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely pick up the omnibus paperback.

    For the clue-impaired, here’s how to get the pdf onto an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You need a computer to do so.

    0.25) UPDATE YOUR ITUNES: You must have iTunes 9.2 on your computer.

    0.5) UPDATE YOUR OS: You must have an iPad using iOS 3.2, or an iPhone or iPod Touch using iOS 4.0. If you haven’t updated, do so.

    0.75) UPDATE YOUR OS: You must go to the App Store and download Install it on your phone. Launch it. Tell it to share bookmarks and stuff.

    1) Save the PDF file to your desktop. It’ll be called “rucker_ware_tetralogy_cc2010.pdf”

    2) Drag this PDF file into your iTunes Library. You’ll know you’ve got the right place when a blue ring and highlight appears around the word “Library.”

    You’ll know you did it right because once you’ve dragged the PDF in, you can click on the “Books” heading under “LIBRARY” in the left sidebar, and you’ll see the book. It’ll have a white cover with some miniature type and a “spiral binding” type edge along the left.

    3) Plug in your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Wait for the sync to complete. Now find your device. About halfway down the sidebar, under “DEVICES” will be a wee small icon of your device, with its name next to it. Click on that.

    You’ll know you did it right because the middle of the iTunes window will show a great big icon of your device, under the word “Summary” at the top left.

    4) Click on the “Books” tab near the top-right of the iTunes window. Before you click, the word will be in white on a blue-grey background.

    You’ll know you did it right because once you click, you’ll see the words “Sync Books” in big, blue-grey type on a white background, with a checkbox next to it.

    5) Check the box. If you don’t have a lot of books, check the radio button that says “All Books” underneath. (If you like to micromanage, feel free to choose “Selected books” and go wild.)

    6) Click the “Apply” button in the lower-right of the iTunes window. You’ll see a barber-pole progress bar. This won’t take more than 30 seconds.

    7) When it is completed, unplug your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Wake it up and start the iBooks app. You’ll see the book on your bookshelf.

    Happy happy.

  5. DaveHimslef Says:

    These books showed that my imagining of the future of technology was entirely too narrow. I came away from them with a whole new brain and can never thank Rudy enough. And yet… Thanks Rudy! 🙂

  6. Agile Eye Says:

    Free books!
    Better than free sex!
    Thanks Mr. Rucker, will read from digital covers to covers.
    Consider adding a PayPal donate button on the download page, unless of course, you don’t need the cash!

  7. Kehrtraud Says:

    Thank you for the ebook! It will take a while until the book is available in Amazon-de. No need to wait and wait! thank you.

  8. angela Says:

    discovered the genius of rudy with “postsingular”, which blew my mind open. can’t thank you enough for CCLing these babies… i am DYING to read them. thanks for everything, rudy! you are da bomb.

  9. Blake Says:

    Thank you so much for making these available. I loaned my copies to a friend some years ago and he moved away before returning them…since then I haven’t been able to find them in bookstores anywhere.

  10. Mike Says:

    Thanks for this awesome gift! I own the originals in paperback and will buy the omnibus edition for the corrections and tweaks you’ve made, but it’s good to have it on my portable devices wherever I go. Never know when you might get a craving for mind-blowing SF. Again, thanks!

  11. Alex Says:

    Excellent! I’ll be buying the book version for sure.
    4 of the best Sci-Fi books ever written.

  12. King Rat Says:

    I think you misunderstand the NoDerivatives clause of the CC license you chose. Adaptations for format are explicitly allowed. You don’t need to make another exception for it.

    Here’s the relevant words from the legal code of the license:

    “The above rights may be exercised in all media and formats whether now known or hereafter devised. The above rights include the right to make such modifications as are technically necessary to exercise the rights in other media and formats, but otherwise you have no rights to make Adaptations. ”

    In other words, you don’t need to make the adaptation exception you made on the download page. 🙂

  13. failrate Says:

    Just bought this at Amazon from the link off of your site. I hope you also get an affiliate bonus 🙂

  14. lex berman Says:

    Wavy! Been reading Freeware again and this e-tetralogy just rocks! When you jump into one of Rudy’s books, it’s like hearing a giant brass gong from beyond the event horizon… the reverberations seem to dissolve time and space, allowing you to escape your own self-conceptions for awhile to surf around the Universe. Gnarl on, boppers!

  15. strange loup Says:

    Hey, thanks for making a free eBook version of this. Alas, I’d not heard of you before — for a self-confessed cyberpunk, I feel slightly ashamed of that — but William Gibson mentioned your twitter, I checked it out and soon after followed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    I’m just wondering though, is a hardcopy of the book likely to become available in the UK? I do prefer the dead tree version most of the time, but on Amazon UK it’s only showing as available from Marketplace sellers for a rather exorbitant amount.

  16. Ori Avtalion Says:

    The ebook is also available at Feedbooks:

  17. Clark Richardson Says:

    Well I have the ware collection as single books and loved and still love them all. Having them in one vol. and as an e-book are a big plus. Right on man!

  18. Randy Murray Says:

    I’ve always planned on reading these books, but the free PDF kicked me over the edge and I’m really enjoying them. Reading them on my iPad is a hoot!

    How about setting up a donate or contribute button/function on the site? I probably won’t purchase the print books , but I’d love to reward Rudy directly (and he’d probably end up with more in his pocket, too!).

  19. Kehrtraud Says:

    I just checked a German Book trader – they want 40 Euro for the book, delivery time minimum 14 days. I bet, there is not more than 1 Dollar for the author out of 40!
    So I’m happy I can read it on my notebook. Reading in English is much slower than in German, there are other things to be done – but I’m on page 79 already. I love it!

  20. Rudy Says:

    About 15,000 of you have downloaded the free ebook of the WARE TETRALOGY in the last five days, the majority in the portable PDF format.

    Thanks for the interest! And do consider buying a paperback copy as well. As mentioned before, the Prime Books paperback is available in stores and from online booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books, and others.

    I notice that some shadowy scammers called (I think) “General Books LLC” are trying to SELL access to my free Creative Commons ebook for $14.95. This is in direct violation of the Creative Commons license clause: “Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes.” Not to mention that it’s pointless. All that Books LLC would give you for your money is my download page address! Just get my free download on your own or buy the paperback or wait for the commercial ebook version from Prime Books.

    On another front, some readers have reported problems with some of the alternate formats of the book (such as Kindle) that are generated by some online auto-reformatting engines such as the one at Manybooks. As I mentioned, before too long, Prime Books will have a nicely formatted commercial ebook version of THE WARE TETRALOGY online, so if you can’t work with the PDF or RTF versions and can’t find a format that you like, just wait a bit.

  21. Steve H Says:


  22. Kehrtraud Says:

    the world biggest Bopper has arrived:

    he lives in Furth im Wald (Germany)

    Have much fun watching!

  23. Shoshana Says:

    I have these in print from a used book dealer from a while ago. I still want *this* version just because Gibson does the introduction.

  24. Martin Jenny Says:

    For a handmade epub-version check out

  25. knowless Says:

    thanks for making it available for free, ill make sure to buy a copy=-)

  26. Alberto Says:

    Here, in Colombia, it´s so difficult get a copy, but I´ll can read it now.

    Thanks for this, Rudy, thank you so much.

  27. JC Says:

    Thanks Mr Rucker! I’ve been a Sci Fi lit fan for many years but had never read any of your output for some reason. On a recomendation of a friend and after a discussion about vat grown meats at our local Nandos, I grabbed the ‘ware books from your site.

    The grand story arc across all the books is told with such economy, but nothing is missing, but also nothing is superfluous (like another of my favourite authors Michael Moorcock)

    I’ve read 3.25 of the ‘Ware books in less than a week, which given job, commuting, kids and not least my wife is pretty good going! I grabbed the RTF version, chucked it into the ebook software Calibre which converted it perfectly and emailed it to my Kindle.

  28. Scott Thompson Says:

    Mr. Rucker:
    Thank you for existing and providing the world with your insight. I was fortunate enough to read “The 4th Dimension” a few years back after reading Abbott’s “Flatland”, along with Gleick’s “Chaos” all around the same time, followed by your brilliant “Saucer Wisdom”, which I’ve tried to recommend to anybody that would listen to me. Your “Ware Tetralogy” puts your ideas so seamlessly into such a great story, with this myriad of mostly-sympathetic characters that just keeps growing as the books roll on…it’s such a great experience to read this series (for FREE, no less, on an Android phone) that I feel compelled to express my appreciation here in the comments section. Amazing stuff!

  29. atzsm08 Says:

    seriously seriously that boook of yours is great! I really like it! I also like long books!thanks a lot for making this available to read online!I didnt read the book yet but i was soo happy that I actuaslly found it! I’ve been loooking forever to find this book.Thanks again!


  30. Matt Says:

    From Wetware:

    “Why can‟t they just hire some real blacks?” demanded Mom, exhaling a cloud of
    smoke. “God knows there‟s enough of them unemployed. Except for President Jones.”

    A far-fetched prosaic remark that seems on-the-nail prophetic now.

  31. Matt Says:

    Just as it took a Nixon to go to Red China.

    A minority President is tasked to make fascism cool again

  32. Rudy Says:

    Matt, that’s an interesting reverse-English thought. But I certainly wouldn’t say that Obama is a fascist. Maybe you have a short memory and have forgotten the kind of President we had right before him! Obama hasn’t done as much as we hoped, but he has done a lot, and there’s a lot of bad things he HASN’T done—when Bush was in, he did something terrible literally every single day, although it wasn’t always on the front page. I’m definitely for staying with the big O for four more years. I’m thinking the GOP may lose some seats in Congress, and things will be running more harmoniously.

  33. nKasper Souren Says:

    Thank you so much for putting this out under a free license! I had read the paper books years ago but decided to reread the whole tetralogy when I came across it through FBReader network library functionality.

  34. Matt Says:

    Does anyone else read Phil Dick’s “A Maze of Death” as perhaps his most mordantly funny comedy?

  35. Matt Says:

    Kind of like “Waiting for Godot” with all of the crass tenacity of life

  36. mike moon Says:

    I’ll never look at Wendy’s the same. Wendy meat. Indeed!

  37. mike moon Says:

    …which lead me to read ‘Altered Carbon’. I’ve wanted to visit the Hendrix hotel ever since.

  38. mike hunter Says:

    Thank you Rudy and Co for this download, I find it reaally difficult to access a lot of your fine fine stories and im not at present in possession of a kindle etc. Of course i’d rather have an original printed version of this to join the others, but im going to enjoy this all the same. All the best blessings from mike

  39. Vince Pecoraro Says:

    I am an old cyberpunk fan who hasn’t read these novels since they first came out. I look forward to reading them again.

  40. Shim Says:

    Thank you for making The Ware Tetralogy available for free. So good! The stories stayed with me long after I finished reading. Such good work. Thank you!

  41. Gordon Says:

    Just finished reading these books and my old stoner/trip-head mind has been stretched….. Amazing work, thanks man!! 😉


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