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Two New Podcasts of My Readings

This weekend I taped a couple of performances. Charlie Jane Anders introduced me for a short reading at her monthly live show, Writers With Drinks, at the Make Out Room bar near Valencia Street—a visually lovely place.

Among the other writers whose readings impressed me there was the young Chelsea Martin, reading bad-attitude thoughts in a flat voice.

The crowd at Writers With Drinks isn’t at all like the usual science-fiction crowd, it’s more like a hipster literary salon.

I also read at Dark Carnival, tucked into a cave of books. We had a long Q & A session about posthumanism and the real-world prospects for computer-mediated immortality.

I made podcasts of the two events, and you can click on the icon below to access them via .

3 Responses to “Two New Podcasts of My Readings”

  1. Narrenschiff Says:

    Cheers for those. Kept me entertained for 45 minutes whilst setting up the lab for the day. I love the Q&A sessions at the end of these readings, even though no one asked your advice on which PhD to do this time!

  2. HAL-1701 Says:

    i once did a similar experiment and let a 20-sided clear green dice guide me on
    a walk from my house in Richmond. about 8 blocks from my house: the address was 666 and the yard was filled with kitch yard-gnomes (trolls?) and creatures and an Alice in a blue dress in the center of them all. and a peach tree within reach (over the white picket fence) from the sidewalk, with one peach on it.

  3. HAL-1701 Says:

    “A Bachelors Degree in Math” :

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