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First Reading from “Jim and the Flims”

I did my reading for the EFF benfit in San Francisco, Monday night. It was a really nice event in a good space—the 111 Minna Gallery—with Charlie Jane Anders, Annalee Newitz, and Cory Doctorow reading as well. Here’s a picture of the audience. You can click on the picture to see a bigger image.

And I made a podcast of what I read, which is the first chapter of my novel-in-progress Jim and the Flims. You can click on the icon below to access the podcast via Rudy Rucker Podcasts.

While mingling with the crowd I ran into a lot of old hacker friends. One of the guys I met is selling what are basically pirate radio station kits, available from Armstrong Radio. Each of the “radio station cards” has a handsome image of a former freedom fighter etched into the circuitry!

5 Responses to “First Reading from “Jim and the Flims””

  1. Ellen Says:

    Looks like it was a successful evening. My husband and I were out the door and on the way to be in that audience, but we never quite made it there. Long story.

    One of these days we will hear Rudy Rucker read, dagnabbit! At least we have this blog to keep us posted.

  2. Helix Says:

    I really wanted to check this out, I’m a fan of boingboing too (that’s how I found your blog), but I didn’t have the cash for bus/bart transport to SF. Thanks for the podcast!

  3. Darryl Parker Says:

    I noticed the post from EFF and one thing stood out. Which one of these is not like the others?

    Perhaps its time you consider a Twitter account? If nothing else you could have another way to quickly let folks know when a new blog post is up.



  4. Darryl Parker Says:

    People are talking about you on Twitter…



  5. Rudy Says:

    A video of the EFF event was produced by Ian Carruthers and posted at the site VidSF. Four minutes long. Check it out at this VidSF link.

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