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Thistledown Picture Story

Another picture story today—I have a lot of photos on hand to use up…

A striped space capsule appeared at the end of my dining table.

And a little lady stepped out.

She led me to a Magic Door.

And she opened the lock.

Her husband was inside, with a stony head like hers.

The enemy robots were attacking.

So I hid inside a sidewalk crack.

I found a floating piece of thistledown there.

And I rode it all the way home.

2 Responses to “Thistledown Picture Story”

  1. MadeleineS Says:

    That is such a lovely story. I’m totally charmed. thank you for posting it.

  2. Steve H Says:

    It was too dark for pictures, but I went out back to investigate an odd noise and was confronted by a large armadillo. “OMG LANDSHRIG!” was about my reaction; I’d taken a giant step off the porch and was uncomfortably close to the critter, which seemed impressively solid and metallic. Luckily, it was scared of me, and instead of biting my ankle it sprang away like a rabbit. I sprang away in the other direction, cursing wildly. In the morning my back yard looked like it had been bombed; fist-sized holes were everywhere.
    Then there was a thump in the hallway, and when I investigated that it turned out to be two cats who had gotten Stross’ ACCELERANDO off a chest-high bookshelf and were apparently trying to get it open and read it. I was amazed, because everyone knows cats prefer David Brin.

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