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“Collaborators” Final

I gave my new painting “Collaborators” yet another layer today, July 24, 2008. Draft 3, call it final and move on. Daughter Isabel said their mouths should be open so they look more hyper. I think it’s done now.

[“Collaborators,” Draft 3, probably final, July 24, 2008.]

On July 22, I painted Draft 2. As you can see, the picture shows two guys sitting on the ground, with unnaturally long, insect-like arms, choking each other. It’s meant to be an image of the collaboration style of two co-authors who argue a lot.

To enhance how the foreground pops out from the background, I moved towards cool desaturated colors in back, and warm saturated colors in front.

July 21’s Draft 1 was more primitive, which is, in its own way, charming, but I had that usual yen to polish it some more. Over the versions, I made their faces better, and clarified the choking hands. But, yeah, it still looks something a guy might have drawn in a rehab program run in a church basement. Not such an easy effect to achieve! 🙂

These wires are sort of the same as the the limbs of the two Collaborators…

I was idly thinking about working the Oinkness idea into a story. Not that it’s such an incredibly wonderful idea, but I have nothing better to think about. I sit around the house all day doing nothing, occasionally taking a nap. The email’s been slow.

Today started out all gray and fogged over, but now the sky has a clear, blue, California-summer quality. There’s been fires—a big one in Big Sur in particular—that were overcasting us, but finally they’re dying down. The Big Sur fire is 70% contained as of today.

HIgh Voltage! The pole transformer is a kind of electromechanical pig.

3 Responses to ““Collaborators” Final”

  1. Mac Tonnies Says:

    This would make a wonderfully surreal Muppet routine!

  2. Steve H Says:

    Shouldn’t they be kicking each other in the cods?

  3. MarcL Says:

    Someone was asking me the other day what it was like to collaborate on a story. I will just send them a copy of this painting.

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