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My Alan Turing Story

I did my reading at the SF in SF series last night. Terry Bisson was the MC, Corey Doctorow read a chapter from his upcoming radical YA SF book Little Brother, and then I read “The Imitation Game,” a short story about the last days of computer pioneeer Alan Turing, and about his persecution by the British secret service. This time, Turing wins… My story will appear in the magazine Interzone this summer or fall.

We had a nice crowd, including Jeremy Lassen of Night Shade Books in the front row. I recorded my segment of the reading and put it online on my Gigadial pages.

2 Responses to “My Alan Turing Story”

  1. Ross Says:

    I love the story, Rudy.

  2. Ross Says:

    Rudy, your fascination with biology is another factor linking you to the Beats. As Beat poet Michael McClure (one of my favorite writers) noted: “Much of what the Beat Generation is about is nature—the landscape of nature in the case of Gary Snyder, the mind as nature in the case of Allen Ginsberg. Consciousness is a natural organic phenomenon. The Beats shared an interest in Nature, Mind, and Biology—areas that they expanded and held together with their radical political or antipolitical stance” (Michael McClure, SCRATCHING THE BEAT SURFACE: ESSAYS ON NEW VISION FROM BLAKE TO KEROUAC, 1982). Radical politics (or antipolitics), consciousness, biology—sounds like Rudy Rucker.

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