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Escher in San Ho. “The Host.”

There’s a show of M. C. Escher prints at the San Jose Museum. The lithographs and woodcuts look nicer in the original than in reprint. I liked this one, called Liberation. I like the expressions on the birds.

The Escher images are Copyright © 2007 The M.C. Escher Company-Holland. Many more images can be found on the Escher website. Including our friend the ant.

If you go to the online Escher Shop, you can even buy sculptures. (Note that the default Escher Shop page comes up with mugs; at the top of the page in the Search area you can scroll to what types of goods you wanna see.)

After the Escher show, we went to see this awesome Korean monster movie called The Host. Usually you watch monster movies in quotes, like mocking them, like Mystery Science Theater 3000. But this one was a real movies. I loved getting to know the family. The movie had the feel, somehow, of a New Wave film by Jean Luc Godard.

There’s an interesting countercultural feel to the movie, too. The authorities are dishonest and heartless. They are obsesed with the notion of a virus which may not actually exist. Somehow this struck me as a metaphor for many governments’ current move of using “terrorism” as the all-purpose justification for whatever they want to do.

The monster was very cool, partly designed my New Zealand pals at Weta Workshop. He had ripply feet. He did not look at all like this cow, but that’s the last picture I’m posting today.

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