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Did My Capitola Reading

Yesterday I was in Santa Cruz and neighboring Capitola for the day. I was happy because my old SJSU student turned journalist Gary Singh wrote a great article about me in the Santa Cruz Metro. “It's so California, you just wanna scream, Yeah! Which was always the best thing about Rucker's novels anyway: You'd find profound high-tech Silicon Valley right amid rock & roll, '60s radicalism, counterculture and the fourth dimension.”

I was in town to give a reading at the Capitola Book Cafe. They had my name on a marquee. I was scared to go in. I was scared nobody would show up.

We had nearly 20 people, not bad. I knew a few of them. Karen Joy Fowler even turned up unexpectedly (in red).

And Nick Herbert was there, who helped me figure out the character of Frank Shook for my novel Saucer Wisdom. Of course Nick himself bears no resemblance to actual people living or dead! I discuss Nick's concepts of matter and consciousness in my Lifebox tome. I hope to feature some of his poetry in the Spring issue of my webzine Flurb.

3 Responses to “Did My Capitola Reading”

  1. Malcolm Groves Says:

    Thanks Rudy, I enjoyed your reading immensely. I was in town from Australia for business and stumbled across the note about your reading on the net by chance. Happy coincidence. I blogged about it here

  2. Alex Says:

    The Santa Cruz Metro review is very good, the reviwer really gets what your about. And “disengagement from the bogus issues that Big Media force-feeds its unfortunate devotees.” Is a great quote! Please write more about this subject!

  3. Dana Massie Says:

    Terrific reading, and terrific book.
    It is so refreshing to see your rich combination of ideas set in such an entertaining and rollicking framework.
    Nick Herbert of course wrote “Quantum Reality” perhaps the best popular book on quantum mechanics ever.

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