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Reading in Capitola Thursday. Online Interview.

I’m giving a reading at the Capitola Book Caf, at 7:30, Thursday, Jan 11. Whoops, wrong “capitol” picture.

Nick Gevers posted a long email interview with me on, mostly about Mathematicians in Love.

That’s it for today, I think my hard drive is dying, possibly due to alien meddling, gotta go get it repaired.

5 Responses to “Reading in Capitola Thursday. Online Interview.”

  1. rs Says:

    I’m loving math guys in love, but the premise is a big stretch. Really!? A math guy turning in his thesis and getting laid all in the same month?
    Maybe if it was a woman:-)
    I’m only 70 pages in, but it is a lot of fun. The universal generator is so you.

  2. Mac Tonnies Says:

    Speaking of alien meddling, that shot of the setting sun looks like a luminous disk seen edge-on!

  3. Rudy Says:

    Whatyou mean to say, Mac, is that the glowing UFO spotted from Andrew Molera Park in Big Sur resembles a setting SUN. (I waited half an hour for this shot.)

  4. linus Says:

    I like these “star-alien” guys alot better than the frightening “greys” sketched and painted at all the UFO events and presentations…. I would not be uncomfortable at all relaxing next to a pool with a few of these “star-aliens”….

  5. Ants Says:

    We are infesting your hard drive at the command of our giant brethren. All your data are belong to us.

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