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Study Aids for Philosophy and Computers

There’s a midterm coming up in my Philosophy and Computers class on the first three chapters of my Lifebox book. Here are my loyal students, few but fit.

If you need to study up, you can see the whole sequence of blackboards as a zoomable 1 Meg PDF file.

And you can hear the review lecture as a 60 Meg MP3 file.

Also on the web as of today is a podcast interview of me at small WORLD.

2 Responses to “Study Aids for Philosophy and Computers”

  1. Mac Tonnies Says:

    Rudy! Those two guys in the middle of the classroom are sitting next to doppelgangers! It’s gotta be some sort of dimensional rift!

  2. Alex McLaren Says:

    Aw… man. Those empty chairs. That is so sad.
    What is wrong with the students at that Uni.?
    They should be packing out your lectures…
    I wish I was there.

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