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Antiwar March in San Francisco

My wife and I went to a march in SF against Bush's war, and for kicks took BART via Merritt Lake, meeting up with our son and his woman friend.

I still can't believe that the Chimp got reelected. 3 more years. I don’t like to talk about politics much on my blog — if that’s all I think about, then the Pig has really and truly won. But politics is what yesterday was about.

As always, it felt good to be in a march, in the bosom of likeminded citizens. Safe.

Why isn’t the media asking every day why Bush never caught Osama? This poster suggests that Bush knew, and worked with Osama. Why isn’t there a day-by-day count in the corner of every TV screen, like when we had the hostages in Iran in the Carter years? Is Iran our ally now? Like in 1984. “Oceana has always been the ally of Airstrip One.”

We marched a couple of hours. “Send in the Twins.”

The usual endpoint of marches, the big lawn at the Civic center, had been perversely rented out by the city to a commercial event called the Love parade, so we ended up in Jackson Square.

In my new Lifebox book, I rhetorically ask, “Suppose that at some point you find society’s hive mind unacceptably hysterical and debased. What can you do about it?” and then I suggest, “You can emigrate internally — not to another hive, but to a subhive. The idea is simply to put less emotional involvement into the national hive mind and more into some smaller grouping. Without actually leaving the country you can emotionally leave the big hive.”

As we used to say in the Sixties:

What if they gave a war and nobody came?

The march was a nice sub-hive.

Today’s hairdo award goes to hippie-dreads in giant pigtails with infinity-symbol wrapping.

After the parade I was in Virgin megastore and they had this, like, shrine of Ramones objects for sale. “Even though you’re dead, you’re still my friends.”

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  1. Robert Says:

    Hey Rudy,
    Great entry as usual. Why haven’t you plugged your appearance in Locus here?! I enjoyed the interview–great rock star photo!

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