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Gov Terminator Goes Berserk In Japan! Male = Parasite

Check out this Japanese TV ad!

Even though Arnold's a Republican, I kind of like the guy for being so weird. And, as I always say, at least he knows what science fiction is!


That video of Arnold is actually from the 90s; it's one of many to be found on the cool site Japander which collects Japanese TV ads made by Western stars — as in the Bill Murray/Scarlett Johanssen vehicle “Lost In Translation.”

Looking at a few of these, I realize I'm working too hard trying to imagine outre alien cultures; all I need to do is go on the road.

Still on Arnold's behalf, I'll say that his video is the best of all the ones I've watched at Japander. The thing he's promotign is a stimulant drink generically known as a “genki,” filled with caffeine, ginseng, like that. Keeps the salarymen going.


I was just reading an article about a kind of fire ant in the July 2, 2005, Science News. There's something peculiar about their reproduction, leading to this quote, by Denis Fournier of the Free Univeristy of Brussels in Belgium:

“We could think of the males as a separate, parasitic species that uses host eggs for its own reproduction.”

This kind of dovetails with this image I've gotten from thinking about my wife giving birth to my daughter and my daughter giving birth to my granddaughter. The women are connected by a single chain of umbilical cords back through history, all the way to Edenville, with the men just branches off the long vine.

“Hi, I'm your host.” “And I'm your parasite.”

2 Responses to “Gov Terminator Goes Berserk In Japan! Male = Parasite”

  1. Juan Arellano Valdivia Says:

    Hi Mr. Rucker, Im a blogger from Per and want to ask you two questions:
    – I have recently read that you had some kind of strange event related with Godel. Is that true?
    – Are there any possibilities of reading the ware series soon in spanish? Only Software have been translated many years ago.
    And talking about this, i have just posted a review of Software in my blog
    It is in spanish, but it would be great if you take a look.
    and sorry for my english.

  2. Rudy Says:

    Well, I met Godel a couple of times in the last years of his life, and it was very heavy and fascinating for me. I wrote about it in my book INFINITY AND THE MIND. The night he died, I actually dreamed I was with him, seeing him die, which was indeed kind of strange, as I didn’t know he was at that point. It didn’t feel like an ordinary type of dream. I was lucky to meet him, it was like meeting the guru.
    My agent recently sent a bunch of books off to our Spanish agent, as a publisher there was asking about them, so maybe they will translate some more of my books in the next few years.

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