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Moonrise. Alien Photo: the Pearce Orb

There was a lovely moonrise over the El Sombroso hill east of Los Gatos last night. Perched on the ridge, the moon looked almost like a big ball the size of a baseball stadium that could roll down. Look out! Actually, it would be kind of bouncy, I imagine, resilient enough so that if it rolled over you, it wouldn't be a disaster. But you'd never get over that the first-hand glow. They used to say that if you slept where the full moon could shine into your face, you'd wake up a lunatic. I had moon on my face all night in Big Sur, though screened off by mosquito mesh. Hope the “orbs” didn't get to me.


Mac Tonnies alerted me to the existence of so-called “orbs” which are regarded by some as alien craft captured in digital photos — which happen to be more prone to light flares than old-school film photos.

And that is indeed a fine specimen spotted next to the seething brain of Professor Pearce. A bit of zoom and image enhancement reveals an alien face riding within the orb, evidently peering in at us through the mouth of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Perhaps its even seeing out through the screen of your computer! “Haaah, gaaahs.”

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