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Painting of La Hampa


This is a painting I worked on for about six months. It's another possible vision of what Bela, Paul and Alma will find when they go to La Hampa. That name, I should explain, is Spanish for “the underworld” in the gangland sense. But I'd like it to be more like a Disney Alice in Wonderland. Signs pointing to, like, “Last Week.”

I wanted the duck to look like Valantin le Desosse in the famous Lautrec poster, not that I can draw a figure properly, and on the right, that's like a limo with a star arriving. I had a lot of trouble making the green potato guy not look like Puffy Combs.

To try and get a non-premeditated image, I based the design of this picture on a cellular automaton image I had, of Belousov-Zhabotinski scrolls, made with my Capow software. (I think it was an Winfree rule.) I started with that, and the characters emerged after a lot of layers.


Like I said before, the Duck is everywhere.

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