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Bush's Reelection.

This morning daughter Georgia Rucker emailed me:

man, am i bummed!

i vow not to hear or see that chimp of a leader's voice/face for the remaining 4 years. i am SO SICK of him!

i can't help feeling mad at the red states too…. from a “center of the world” new yorker point of view, it feels like we (and calif) produce all these books, television shows, movies, fashions, which the midwest and south LAP UP, and then in return, they re-elect a freaky evangelist who is gonna do a christian clamp down!! not fair. sure, they give us some crops and vistas…but i'm scared things are gonna get really conservative. for starters, see how gay couples are being treated. 11 states banning the right for them to have partner rights??? that's nuts.

the preppy dumb people win again. (instead of preppy smart?) at least there's an END to the bush reign – 2008.


My answer.

Thou sayest it, sister.

You're right. That's the thanks we get for entertaining those overweight flyover-state couch potatoes, four more years of the fuming chimp?

How to survive? Since the world won't change, I can only change myself. Not obsess over him. Start loving him? Or at least don't think about him much. I keep saying I'm gonna read the paper less. Definitely I'm going to stop reading those trembling-with-righteous-indignation editorials in the New Yorker.

There's a certain neurosis common in men over 55, of obsessing over the flaws of the government. Men seem to get it more than women. I think it's a carryover from the tribal days when if you were old you either got to be a revered elder or were dragged away from the fire and had your head bashed in. “Shuddup already, you lost, crunk.” But it's not like that anymore. Live and let live. As Richard Nixon once said, “I respect that most sacred of American rights, the freedom to do one's own thing.”

People my age did already, after all, survive Nixon, Reagan, and Bush the Elder.

The upside is that this will be great for the solidarity of the reburgeoning counterculture.

And thus I calmly, maturely, blog the great collage picture below, by Rick (anyone know a link?), showing Bush the Younger in poses matched with chimps.


And I hope to God that's the last freaking thing I'm saying about The Chimp in this blog. There's so many things that are more interesting to think about. Forget about pounding your head on the wall. Tunnel!

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