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Most recent revision: May 29, 2013.

The availability of ebook editions of my books is constantly in flux. On this page I’ll try and track the situation. Feel free to post any corrections and additions in the Comments section below.

Rather than trying to be exhaustive, I’m focusing on the main ebook dealers, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and my own Transreal Books.

Note that I am only tracking the ebook situation in the United States. Due to contractual reasons and rights limitations, some of the ebooks available in the US are not available in other countries.

Regarding formats, keep in mind that you can read Amazon Kindle or B&N NOOK books on an iPhone, iPad, or PC by getting a Kindle or NOOK reader application. A few of my books exist on smaller sites in the versatile EPUB format as well.

Link to a list of all my Amazon Kindle books.

Link to a list of all my B&N NOOK books.

Link to the Transreal Books page with some of my ebooks and paperbacks.

Link to a list of some of my iBooks available through iTunes.

Note that the Amazon and B&N lists of links both run to more than one page, so you may need to go to the bottom of the first page and click to get to the older books on the second page.

I’ll list the ebooks I know of below. If I don’t mention a specific source, then the ebook is on Amazon and B&N. In a few cases I’ll mention some other source.

Turing & Burroughs
Collected Essays
Complete Stories
Nested Scrolls: An Autobiography
Jim and the Flims
The Ware Tetralogy
Mad Professor
As Above, So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel
The Hacker and the Ants
Saucer Wisdom
Master of Space and Time
The Hollow Earth
The Secret of Life
The Sex Sphere
White Light
Spacetime Donuts

And two picture books:
Better Worlds , paintings by Rudy Rucker on Amazon and on Transreal Books.
Billy’s Picture Book, by Terry Bisson, Illustrated by Rudy Rucker, on Lulu and Barnes and Noble.

You can also find some of my ebooks online, possibly in the more versatile EPUB format, at Google eBooks, Diesel eBooks, Powell’s Books, and others. You can also buy some of my ebooks from Apple by using the iBooks app.

In addition, my publisher Tor/MacMillan Books also has many links for my ebooks on their pages for my individual books, and my publisher Ereads has a couple as well. And, as mentioned before, I’m selling some ebooks on my own Transreal Books site.

In any case, most of my existing ebooks are available as Amazon Kindle and B&N NOOK.


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