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Rudy Rucker eBook Editions

Last updated September 12, 2104.

The availability of ebook editions of my books is constantly in flux. On this page I’ll try and track the situation.

Regarding ebooks, there are two main ebook formats: Kindle and EPUB. You can read EPUB books on tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, and non-Kindle e-readers.

Transreal Books, a site where you can buy both Kindle and EPUB formats of my recent ebooks.

My Amazon Kindle books.

My NOOK books (EPUB format).

A few iBooks available through iTunes (EPUB format).

Note that the Amazon and B&N lists of links both run to more than one page, so you may need to go to the bottom of the first page and click to get to the older books on the second page.

You can also buy some of my ebooks from Apple by using the iBooks app. Another approach is to buy one of my books in EPUB from Transreal Books and transfer it to your device—see the Transreal Books FAQ.

I’ll list the existing ebooks that I know of below. I have them in alphabetical order, with any leading “The” words left out.

All The Visions (memoir)
As Above, So Below: A Novel of Peter Bruegel
Big Aha
Collected Essays
Complete Stories
Fourth Dimension (nonfiction)
Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension (nonfiction)
Hacker and the Ants
Hollow Earth
Infinity and the Mind (nonfiction)
Mad Professor (stories)
Master of Space and Time
Mind Tools (nonfiction)
Nested Scrolls (autobiography)
Saucer Wisdom [included in Transreal Trilogy]
Secret of Life [included in Transreal Trilogy]
Seek! (essays)
Sex Sphere
Spacetime Donuts
Transreal Trilogy (Secret of Life, White Light, Saucer Wisdom)
Turing & Burroughs
Ware Tetralogy (Software, Wetware, Freeware & Realware)
White Light [included in Transreal Trilogy]

You can also find some of my ebooks at Google eBooks and via various other online booksellers. Some of the commericial ebooks available in the US are not available in other countries. If you can’t buy one of my ebooks—or if you want a Creative Commons licensed version for free—try the Rudy Rucker Free Books page.

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