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Last updated September 1, 2019.

By now all of my books are available as ebooks. The ebook market is constantly in flux, but on this page, I’ll provide links to some of the ebook store-fronts with my titles.

Regarding ebooks, there are two ebook formats: Kindle and EPUB. Kindle is for the Amazon Kindle device. EPUB is for all other readers, including tablets, mobile phones, computers, and ebook readers.

Transreal Books site has all my ebooks in Kindle and EPUB formats.

Amazon Kindle  has all my titles in Kindle format.

Apple Books uses the EPUB format.

Google Play uses the EPUB format.

Kobo uses the EPUB format.

NOOK books from Barnes & Noble uses EPUB format.

On some of these store-fronts, you need to go to bottom of the page and click to see more pages.

My very first book, Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension is cataloged as being by “Rudolf Rucker,” so you won’t see it on most of the store-front links.  Use this universal link for that book.

And if you just want to browse some of my books, look at the free web page edtions on my Free Books  page.

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