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Full Illustrations For THE BIG AHA

So, cool, the Kickstarter funding for The Big Aha is still going up. Yeah, baby! I’m casting off the shackles of the conventional pub biz.

I’ve formulated a new goal, which is to include an illustration for each of the book’s thirteen or fourteen chapters. This is the kind of thing I’d never be allowed to do with a commercial publisher. But I’ve looked at the production costs and my goal is entirely feasible.

My plan is that The Big Aha will include about fifteen of my paintings as illustrations, one per chapter, plus one on the cover.

So now I’m planning for several new paintings. But—not to kill myself with overwork—I’m going to repurpose some of my older paintings as well. I might use the Big-Aha-vision-type painting above, for instance, which is titled He Sees The Fnoor. Is that a Mandelbrot set in the sky? Or…maybe it’s an alien gub!

Here’s another type of Big-Aha-vision painting that I want to use. This one’s called Dawn. It’s a painting of my wife early in the morning on our back porch. It’s a Zen type of Big-Aha-vision painting—where the Great Enlightenment is right in front of you, if only you can learn to see it.

But don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of gnarly SF-style illos as well! Like the one I’m working on right now—this one’s called The Mr. Normals Versus The Myoor. I’ll let you have a look at it when it’s a little further along. This particular painting will be useful for me, as it’s a previsualization of what I’m going to write in the next chapter.

What’s a Mr. Normal like? Well, he’s a biotech robot akin to Gyro Gearloose’s assitant, Li’l Bulb. Has a lightbulb for his head. What’s a myoor? You’ll see.

3 Responses to “Full Illustrations For THE BIG AHA”

  1. Brett Harder Says:

    Awesome! I liked the way you had illustrations inthe fourth dimension book, your writing definitely goes hand in hand with your artwork. Speaking of which, one of your Skug paintings made an appearance in Indie Game the Movie! It`s hanging on the wall in a part where Jonathan Blow is talking about his game Braid


  2. yolan Says:

    “The plants that sit around in bank lobby or top of your fridge or on your bathroom counter—those plants are dreaming of going to the tropics and getting big.”


  3. Rudy Says:

    Brett Harder—Funny to see my “Turing and the Skugs” painting, which is also on the cover of my TURING & BURROUGHS novel, appear in a movie about indies writing videogames. Maybe Jonathan Blow bought a print of it via ImageKind? Oh, wait, now I know—my painting was hanging on the wall for a show at Borderlands Books Cafe on Valencia St. in SF earlier this year, and the programmer is sitting at a table under it. Hope he actually looked at the painting! Glad I’m filtering out into pop culture by whatever devious means…

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