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Oblivious Teep

Today’s short post recapitulates my previous one, with a little more detail. I’m obsessed with a new concept of telepathy (or teep) just now, as I want to work it into this novel I’m getting started on.

Today’s post is, by the way, lifted from my latest draft of the novel, and this means that I’ve sanded and smoothed it down quite a bit. Eventually I’m going to be revising it two or three or four more times, but I’ll just leave this version here anyway.

Teep plays a big part in the tale I’m telling you, and I need to say a little more about it. Teep has to do with what my inventor friend Gaven called quantum psychology.

If you ever take a serious look inside your own head, you’ll notice that have two styles of thought. Let’s call them the “robotic” and “cosmic.” Robotic thought is all about reasoning and analysis. Cosmic thoughts are wordless. It’s easy to be dominated by your endlessly-narrating inner robotic voice. Step past the voice and you can see the cosmic mode. Analog consciousness, like waves on a pond. Merged with the world. Without any opinions.

Ordinarily your mind oscillates between the cosmic and the robotic at a rate of about ten cycles per second. Having both modes helps you get by. The cosmic state is a merge into your surroundings, and the robotic state is when draw back and say, “Okay, it’s me against the world, now I’ll plan what I do next to stay alive.”

Gaven’s technical discovery was that we have a specific physical brain site that controls when our state of consciousness flips between the cosmic and the robotic. And for a joke he called the site the gee-haw-whimmy-diddle [Just click the X to get past the “subscribe” pop-up on this site].

So, okay, your gee-haw-whimmy-diddle controls when your consciousness flips back and forth between the cosmic and the robotic. And Gaven’s quantum wetware tweak of the gee-haw-whimmy-diddle allowed you to keep your mind in the merged cosmic state for a longish period of time.

So how does that lead to teep? From a physicist’s point of view, your mind isn’t your physical brain. Your mind is a Hilbert space wave function that happens to look like a brain. Matter and wave, one and the same. And if you and someone near you are both in the merged cosmic state, then your quantum wave functions can overlay into a single combined wave system. And that’s teep.

Your brain waves overlay each other to make moiré, op-art, watered-silk type patterns. And that’s some serious dark beauty, qrude.

I know I’m droning on for too long. It’s like I’m an old-school professor who’s tap-tap-tapping his piece of chalk on his freaky, dusty blackboard. But there’s one more gotcha I have to tell you about.

The thing is, whenever you make a mental note about what you’re experiencing, you automatically bust your mind state down into the robotic mode. And any teep connection breaks. To remain in the teep state, you need to stay cosmic, and you can’t be laying down any organized memories.

Putting it another way, qwet teep is (to use Nick Herbert’s word) oblivious. As in unseeing, unaware, ignorant, forgetful. This means that when you teep with someone, your memories of the trip will be as vague and flaky as the memories of a dream.

2 Responses to “Oblivious Teep”

  1. nick Says:

    I forgot
    what I was gonna say.

  2. eo Says:

    @nick, gave me a nice laugh.

    How are you going to deal with all the folks that need to be sedated after hanging out too long in oblivion?

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