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I’m still hanging out in Gotham. Love the roar and bustle. Had a nice reading with Brendan Byrne. Eventually a tape should appear on the Hour of the Wolf radio show, I’ll let you know when it’s streamable.

Tor Books is about to produce a trade paperback edition of my autobio, Nested Scrolls. I’d like to clean up any remaining typos in this book, so if you’ve found some, please let me know over the next week or two—you can simply post the typo as a comment here or email me.

My Complete Stories ebook is selling some copies, thanks for that! (Only $4.95 for a mammoth tome.) I’m glad to have found the self-published ebook alternative to the Kafka castle of traditional publishing. Toothless Inuit on an ice-floe or…rat leaving a sinking ship?

I’ll be publishing issue #13 of my webzine Flurb at the end of this month, I have 13 good new stories edited and ready to go, all I need at this point is a few days of production work.

But meanwhile, as mentioned, post any Nested Scrolls typos you find or email me about them.

7 Responses to “Proofing NESTED SCROLLS”

  1. Roy Says:

    The last paragraph on page 12 is repeated in the next paragraph (page 13).

    Wonderful storytelling!

  2. mrahikka Says:

    I want to readthe book with my iMac?
    Which version should I buy?


  3. Rudy Says:

    Mrahikka, One option is to get a Kindle-reading application on your iMac (Google “kindle for mac”) and buy the Kindle version of NESTED SCROLLS from Amazon. It may be in the iBookstore as well, you can check this yourself if you want to read with the iBooks reader.

  4. Rudy Says:

    I finished the proofing today. Turns out, not all the corrections I’d made to the PS edition made it across the Atlantic into the Tor edition, but I put all the fixes back in. My wife Sylvia found some of the typos, and John H. Stevens (who reviewed NESTED SCROLLS for SF Signal) shared a bunch of them as well, and at the last minute Roy Whelden came in with seven more. Thanks, all!

    Typos are so hard to see, as the mind smooths over the glitches. Oddly enough, each of us four noticed completely different typos. I can imagine a kind of horror story with a hundred proof readers each finding different typos, and slowly the work is writhing and mutating into…maybe the Necronomicon or maybe Carl Barks’s final missing Duckberg epic. Donald meets Cthulhu. Quaaaaaaaaaaaaack. But wait, the wily Duck has knotted Cthulhu’s facial tentacles into a higher-dementional ultra-knot and — visit for more edifyijng tales of the strange.

  5. Rick McNealy Says:

    Looking forward for your #13 isuue, how soon will it be avaliable?

  6. Rudy Says:

    Flurb #13 will be out within a week. Keep watching the skies!

  7. Steve H Says:

    I am cracking my knuckles and about to begin NESTED SCROLLS in the handy Uncorrected Proof format, which I acquired from David Hartwell at the IAFA conference last week. The one with the cover was being bid on in the auction room. Also, I think Bugs Bunny would beat Cthulhu in a fight. He’d keep pulling those circus sledgehammers from behind his back.

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