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“Cow and UFO.” Santa Cruz Weekly.

I like to use certain simple images when I’m scribbling a drawing for my children or grandchildren. Over the years, I’ve honed my favorites down to clean, cartoony icons—such as the “Cow and UFO” shown in my latest painting. Back to basics!

“Cow and UFO”, 24″ x 18″ inches, August, 2011, Oil on canvas.” Click for larger version.

More info at my Paintings page.

On the local publicity front, the Santa Cruz Weekly is featuring a profile of me with an excerpt of my new novel Jim and the Flims. You can find a PDF of the Santa Cruz Weekly online. It’s mainly the same article as was in the Silicon Valley Metro last week, but this version features two of my Santa Cruz paintings as illos.

3 Responses to ““Cow and UFO.” Santa Cruz Weekly.”

  1. linus robinson Says:

    quality vitality cartoon here…. well this also clearly illustrates the purely humane intentions of true actuall E.T.s and their otherworldly agendas: lovers of animals and champions of animal rights!! amen to that!!

  2. Brett Harder Says:

    I think the simple icons and vivid colors are a powerful combination. Your stuff reminds me of a psychedelic Philip Guston mixed with the raw energy of a cave painting. It would be cool to see an Ipad app of one of your books with your drawings/paintings placed throughout the text, perhaps with animated or interactive features.

  3. E.IA~ Says:

    check this out: webcams for surfers! stick it on your “telmet” (TM) or on your ‘board.
    or just the vid please:


    don’t you have a surfer in one of yr paintings, comin at cha out of a big curl?

    or maybe i’m thinking of the collab in the magazine with the ‘cyberspace surfer’ SC story…

    it’s not “FractalSkatePosse”. it has a surfer.. in a tubularity? hmm.. i can ‘see’ it clearly..


    this place is “catching up to rudy” (not even possible)


    an hour ago i had my first *dreamed* hit song THAT I COULD ACTUALLY REMEMBER THIS TIME, stage setup and all. yesterday david bowie visited me in a dream and we went to some huge cyber-amusement park. i flew. but no music in that one.

    there has to be a functioning world that dreams happen in, no way did (little i) come up with ALL THAT in a three second bit of dreaming. i woke instantly and recorded it! hard to get the synths right, and i can’t do justice to the amazing cybergirl vocalist sound, kinda japanese-vocaloid-meets-iceland-on-teevee-hugetime, she would be a huge hit in THIS PLACE !

    but i saw the stage lighting setup. it even had something to do with christians!, the music and lights unfold in layers from above, repeating with each measure, with ‘marching servo spotlights’ swinging out and down, on the beat, like marching christian soldiers i guess.

    the lyric:

    FOR ME

    THAT I

    kinda wow.

    but the above head-cam ‘sports-cam’ vid is even more wow, and that vid’s music is trying to pave over my dream music.


    hey, make a sci fi record album with some ‘mondo’ band of pals, like… Surfin Ru-Squared and the Be Theres, SEEK YE THE GNARL.

    “all these comments will be lost in time, like rain” (Rudy Hauer, in wetsuit…)
    (because your blog search engine “window cleaner” doesn’t do comments)


    might as well also include this link while we’re at it:

    it’s a SNOW RESORT TO BE BUILT ON THE LARGEST BUILDING IN COPENHAGEN, A (yes), POWER PLANT — so why not an indoor cyber-surfer dome? reminds me of those domed hotels with beaches with a moving wall that generates fake surf action.

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