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Nude Nabs UFO

I finished my painting today, “Nude Nabs UFO”. You can click on the image below to see a larger version.

I started this one last week during an en plein air painting session on a pocket beach near Davenport with my painter pal Vernon Head. I had the rocks and the water, and I added the UFO, modeling its shape on the lid of my water bottle. And at home I put in the two nudes, to liven things up.

The scale of the flying saucer didn’t look quite right, and it wasn unclear how far away it was, so I had the guy take hold of it, thereby shrinking it and bringing it into the foreground. I have it casting a shadow like a beach umbrella onto the California woman to further anchor its position. And finally I had the idea that the guy is shaking the UFO, and two of the little aliens inside are falling out.

Here’s what the beach “really” looked like, by the way. But, I submit to you, what is reality? I far prefer a world where a nudist nabs a UFO!

I washed my painting clothes and I’m going out again today.

As always, you can find info about aquiring prints and originals of my paintings at my Paintings Page.

3 Responses to “Nude Nabs UFO”

  1. chewy Says:

    At times I have been invited to go outside and paint en plein air. I have declined because I don’t consider myself a traditional plein air painter. You have opened my mind and given me cause to reconsider and go along on the next invite. Thanks, Rudy. You certainly livened up the scene. (smile)

  2. Steve H Says:

    Realism, like reality itself, is overrated.

  3. Andrea K. Says:

    I love your art! Great style and wonderful use of color.

    I liked your photos of Mia too! Her show at the San Jose Jazzfest was great.

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