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Four New Publications!

My novel Postsingular is out in paperback now. You may have read the free online version, but now you can own a hard copy of the book for only about twelve bucks!

And the new paperback edition of The Sex Sphere is in print! (Although the cover image on the Amazon site is screwed up, the actual printed book has a cover as shown here in this post.)

“Punk-rock SF! Nuclear terrorists, a political kidnapping, and a giant woman from the fourth dimension. Say goodbye to the old world. This literary tour de force explores the landscape of the higher dimensions with the humor and vigor of an underground cartoon. At the same time, it manages to be a heartfelt and realistic depiction of a contemporary marriage.”

And a new paperback edition of Spacetime Donuts is for sale as well! (Here again, the cover image on the Amazon site looks wrong, but the actual printed book has a cover as shown here in this post.)

“The birth of cyberpunk! A seeweed-smoking rebel becomes an incredible shrinking man. Under the bottom is the top—and the power to smash the Machine. After humanity becomes inextricably linked to the computers, a heroic couple makes a scale-ship journey beneath the smallest particles and through the largest cosmic structures, seeking a perfect world.”

Finally, “Colliding Branes,” a new story by Bruce Sterling and me, is in the February, 2009, issue of Isaac Asimov’s SF Magazine. You can read the first part of this exciting tale on the Asimov’s site.

5 Responses to “Four New Publications!”

  1. Steve H Says:

    Wow, congrats – especially on the new one!

  2. lovedog Says:

    Read POSTSINGULAR in old fashioned hardcover and wow did it expand my brain in multiple ways. Loved it and am more than excited for the upcoming sequel.

    Nice cover art on the re-issues. Some up n coming kid, right?

  3. Mac Tonnies Says:

    Another Rucker/Sterling collaboration! I remember when there were only one or two!

  4. Alex Says:

    All your books have great characters and
    Mick Stones is a really great mysterious character in Spacetime Donuts.

    Just this week I complied my top 5 Stones tracks!
    Rocks Off – Exile On Main Street
    Happy – Exile On Main Street
    Gimme Shelter – Let It Bleed
    Tumbling Dice – Exile On Main Street
    Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – Sticky Fingers

  5. nick Says:

    Congrats, Rudy, on extruding four publications in one month.

    As for the Azimov cover, where would science fiction artists be
    without shapely maidens threatened by tentacles?

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