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Rudy on the Radio. (Fixed Broken Permalinks).

Sunday (tomorrow) you can hear me on the radio live in the Bay Area. I’ll be on the Stanford sponsored Philosophy Talk show, talking about my books Infinity and the Mind and White Light. The show airs on KALW, FM 91.7, San Francisco, CA, Sunday, 10am PT, Feb 24, 2008, and at other times nationally. In a week or two a podcast version will be online.

Yesterday the so-called permalinks (sometimes a sad misnomer) on my blog were temporarily broken as we upgraded to the latest version of the WordPress ware that runs the blog, and we needed to do some Apache type deep Weenix alteration as well. Yesterday, all you could see was this top page of the blog, and all links to past entries or dates were temporarily broken. But now, thanks to the genial tech support at our host Monkeybrains, it works again. Nothing like doing live brain surgery on your lifebox in public.

The built-in Search box is currently broken, but I’ve added a “Google Search Blog” box that uses the Google engine. In some ways this is nice, but the link info is a bit confusing as it lumps in stuff from the page titles.

8 Responses to “Rudy on the Radio. (Fixed Broken Permalinks).”

  1. Gamma Says:

    i witch i witch i witch again i woz there a chair – sofa so good

    wow i really get off on Kilgore



  2. Tudgedelta Says:

    I look forward to the radio show. I plan to listen in on the stream ( , since I don’t have an actual “radio” here.

  3. Alex Says:

    “live brain surgery on your lifebox in public”
    that made me laugh… thanks!

  4. Alex Says:

    Could you give us a list of your favorite books?
    ~ thanks

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Hey Rudy just read Postsingularity wow Burroughs meets Einstein palying a reality sketch comedy show on E! network, amazing!! I have radical ideas for novels, one I came up with recently is how in the future they crack cold cases by using animation tanks and the chakra points for inatimate objects to conduct data through living objects. The animation tank holds the victim and their soul which is a neon-light-blue-blur-light-glare-zooming-at-hyper-speed-like-a-ghost-blur-on-a-photgraphic-film, Soul Hackers hack into a souls electronic-data-trasmission-fields to copy the data onto their computers to catch the killers face and run that against the citys Facial Recgonition Data Base to locate the killer, if they are not register the street cameras and the satelite-city-scanners go on ALERT!, scanning each passersby and civilian until they have a match like trying to find Waldo, they first do a 3d Rendering of the victims memory of the killers face, the soul records the victims last 24 hours in cryptic-soul-jargon-like-splintering-puzzle-pieces-in-an-ebb-of-amn-snowflake, the Soul Hacker trys to make sense of the data and sort it until it coherent and easy to follow so they can use it as evidence in court, Darby is a Private Inspector that has to take up the case of Jesse in an effort of redemption, the bulk of the book will be called the “vague” where it seems like he’s wandering aimlessly to get as ense of who Jesse is, in the end the “vague” is resolved in a celstial angel tenor AHA! Oh another technique the detectives use is called tubing where the cover the corpse in a grey foam goo that stops the soul from Trancedence intot he next plateau of Re-incarnation within the Spiritual Body that regurgitates depleted soul-matter into new soul-growth for a new Life-Body aka an Embyro that developes into a fetus… and other things of that nature, keep up the amzing writing Rudy, sounds like your having a blast with those broken links and faulty pages, have fun (just kidding!), THANKS!!


  6. Randal Says:

    Hi Rudy, just saying hello. Had never heard of you until today when on a whim I decided to do a surf and look for Be Not Content and what did I find? all this and more…will get back when I get some of your books. I lived through the sixties and lived to tell the tale and it is really great to know that others still hold the era in their hearts with the same tenderness. I express my gratitude.

  7. Gamma Says:

    i felt real ill yesterday – it is my condition – i have to drink more & remember which reality tunnel i am in – as yu know it aint been the same since something moved the the 3td & 4th planets around and where are we now – i am to old to go up & out – & time needs death to grow anothere cultural thing ma jog fish think

    move the project forwards or sit & watch it flow

    there is always the cosmic vortex

    Zappa on


  8. Gamma Says:

    i meant the FISH tank let out the PIXELS please


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