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Books Per Year

Today I whiled away a couple of hours making up this chart in Microsoft Excel, plotting how many new books I published each year (I’m not counting reprints, although I am counting story anthologies).

I guess I made this graph to reassure myself about the likelihood that I won’t finish Hylozoic until Feburary or March, 2008, which may be too late for it to still come out in Fall, 2008. For the graph, I’m assuming Hylozoic comes out in 2009.

In this case, my “linear trend line” (the nearly level line across the lower part graph) will still be slanting up! The wiggly dotted line is a 6th-order polinomial approximation to the curve, and is a different kind of “trend line.” The polinomial trend line looks somewhat different for different order polinomial approximations.

Interesting chart—at least to me. A big burst in the early years; that’s when I was freelancing in downtown Lynchburg; I had two books a year for three years in a row. Things slid back when I started teaching at SJSU in 1986, and I was in a trough in the mid-nineties, spending most of my energy on programming. After 1996, I got a second wind. And since then I’ve been going strong, helped by my retirement from teaching in 2004. It could be that I’ll taper off before long. That might be fine. Then I can paint more.

3 Responses to “Books Per Year”

  1. Rudy Says:

    Wonderfully cryptic and hackerish mail from Bill Gosper, inventor of the Game of Life glider gun, now working with populations of nine billion (~population of Earth) using the Golly Life Simulator:

    “The entire Restart City population of 9,582,713,552 froze solid today when the Board of Stupefiers ran out of gigabytes and pulled the plug ( The only potential stopper-restarter in flight at the time was SW, targeting the left input MWs about 100,000 upstream, but destined to arrive billions of generations after the crystal has grown past the impact point. There was no sign of quadratic growth, which is typical for experiments with only 2GB.”

    Give me your fudbak on this…

  2. e. ian allen Says:

    for an hour’s worth of clicking on pre-defined ‘features’ (like traffic signs) in surveilance videos you get paid 5 cents! you and a gig of other fourth-world folks with cheap intel laptops!

    if a rock had consciousnesses all embedded in it, they could be paid 5 cents per cognition. ie, the idea of a few billion humans given jobs taking care of some aspect or another of a gear in a machine. perhaps full time long-term jobs. without sleep. isn’t the calcium carbonite glue holding rocks together called ‘matrix’?

    enlightenment (liberation) of ALL sentient beings, isn’t that the basic buddha vow? is there a counter-vow for maybe the masons or military-medical-ists?

    if a gig of silps or monads were free to do their thang for a few aeternities or time-terrains worth of open-ended actual freedom, what could/would they then re-convene to co-create?

    that’s a cooler ‘genesis’ ‘creation’ myth.

    thank you for reading this. your nanopayment has been extracted.

  3. e. ian allen Says:

    yesterday i met this in the web:

    it’s a 3D model of a temple, popped out from the 2D sandpainting Kalachakra “universal enlightenment” mandala of tibetan buddhism. with a deity & her consort ‘dancing’ in the central room at the end of the animated ‘tour’.

    a few hours later i see the paragraph on page 59 of my copy of PS where the asian ‘angel’ stands in the ‘virtual temple’, surrounded by toon-monks and watched by observer-humans.

    most every page manifests! (or is part of a larger manifestational ‘exfoliation’). the bay oilslick ‘release’ (the Han Jin freighter hitting the bay bridge) was in rough synch with the release of the book and its bay-barge-scow orphid release.

    it’s not a joke to ask, can i steer my observer-effectiveness better?
    can i gear into the-issues-being-actually-entangled-with-‘world-reality’ better?
    telepathy!? technologies as missing links in critical spots!? ‘safety magics’!?

    Rudy is surfing a strange gnarl-edge between “just thinkin and payin the bills with b.s. sci-fi” and a wizardly connecting-the-(final)-dots in this Age Of Hybrid Synergetic Singularity. and so (or ‘of course’) what’s going on is
    a Hylozoic Panpsychist Berkeleyian bunch of new good thoughts in the Mind Of God.

    i think that genuinely new thoughts (style-points, attractors) in The Repository Of Metaphors are instantly (and already) manifested, maybe that’s a proof one can hold for more than a nanosecond that the world is mind. All things are concepts. “Conceptons”. Embodied ‘stylepoints’.

    Yesterday i also grokked that “chaotic attractor” === “charactor”.
    Gravity-wells of conception-land. Style-points: Daisy-ness, Bowie-ness.

    Rudy-ness. Ness-nessness.

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