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Telepathic Alien Propaganda

I’ll be busy for the next two weeks, so there won’t be a fresh blog entry till after April 15. Part of the time I’ll be Amsterdam—check out the Upcoming Events notice in the sidebar. Any readers out there in the Netehrlands who want to get together with me while I”m in Amsterdam? Email me.

This week a friend sold me a cool old 1955 Leica IIIf camera for a good price. They’re not nearly in the stratospheric level of the M series. The pictures today and most of the pix on March 28 (not the opera house ones) were taken with it. I like pix—that Leica glass. Deep focus. Loading the film is a bitch, but I found this great site Cameraquest that loves this particular model (IIIf RD ST) and even tells how to load it. I think I’ll take it along on the trip.

For today’s topic, I’m gonna view telepathy is a new medium to exploit. So the invading Peng in Hylozoic will be using it to get us to let them move in.

Media Promote Worship: The media get us to worship certain people. These are “stars” and “leaders”. A superficial motive is to get the public to pay to hear more about the stars. A fundamental motive is to get the public to obey the leaders and give them their wealth and the resources of their land. The stars are the content, the leaders are the sponsors.

Media Spread Fear. The media press us to think about a few “issues” at a time, always disturbing ones. The motive is to make us afraid so that we want our leaders to protect us and are willing to cede our autonomy. Fear is the content, the leaders are the sponsors.

Peng Promote Worship. Peng present themselves as cute and interesting. They put a dazzle-aura around themselves. They trail memory sheets of happy family memories and colorful anecdotes. They engage in riveting soap-opera intrigues. They have a big singing contest coming up, and they do sing very well. People root for them like for sports teams. People don’t mind that all of, say, Oakland is de-energized so that the Oaktown Peng can warble and croon. There might as well be a tie-in between the Peng and the Founders reality show that my main characters are in.

Peng Spread Fear. They tell us horror stories about bad other aliens. They tell us about the Hrull starship-engines that are made of squashed humanoids. A whole list of scary aliens. Tentacle monsters. Pinchy beetles. The Wyrms. The Holothurians. The Hoarse Roar from the Dawn of Time. The Leicon—the seemingly innocent appliance that is in fact an alien robot who takes over your life, sending you on endless searches of EBay for more lenses and, drool, M series models…

2 Responses to “Telepathic Alien Propaganda”

  1. Mean Rachel Says:

    Hi! I found your blog via Google search for “pets Micronesia” (long story). I thoroughly enjoyed poking around and living vicariously for a little while through your SCUBA escapades.

  2. Al Says:

    I’m wondering if the theft of computation would manifest itself in more random, unpredictable ways than a simplification of processes… like when your computer is low on RAM and starts doing non-linear things that don’t make sense, or images start displaying noise and artifacts that shouldn’t be there. What would the sky look like if it started getting noisy and random?

    I’m wondering what else humans would get from cooperating with the Peng. Some kind of emotional rush?

    An opportunity to use the Peng against your enemies, the way the Aztecs tried to use the Conquistadors against their enemies?

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