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PS2 Note #2: Lazy Eight

I’m going to be printing some excerpts from my notes for my current novel in progress, the second in my postsingularity series, called PS2 for short with working title After Everything Awoke. Today's topic is what I call “lazy eight,” somethign I've posted about several times before. By cotinuing to jabber about it, I'm polishing my rap…

I use the portmanteau phrase “lazy eight” to speak of a change which combines: the eighth dimension, infinity as ∞, and the fact that infinity is “right here” in the eighth dimension as an ubiquitous lazy-man’s enlightenment.

(Lazy Eight 1) Unfurling.

We add an infinite extra dimension at every point. We suppose that the eighth dimension is normally curled around into a Planck-length circle, but that a superspace perturbation caused the magic harp’s Lost Chord unrolls the eighth dimension to infinite length.

There are two possible equilibria for any region of space, having to do with whether the eighth dimension is infinite or not. The eighth dimension is compactified in the neighborhood of Lobrane Earth, but is fully unwound in the vicinity of Hibrane Earth. The equilibria are like the two bottoms of a W. If nudged, a world might move from one equilibrium to the other. One equilibrium is our present mode, the other is the lazy eight mode.

The Hibrane has had lazy eight since Hieronymus Bosch’s time (say 1492 just for fun); our Lobrane achieves it at the end of PS1.

(Lazy Eight 2) Universal Infinite Memory Upgrade

The infinite expanse is accessible; you can reach any location along it in some fixed time. It’s psychically possible to overview the whole infinite expanse of the eighth dimension in a finite amount of time.

The infinite length is metricized so as to require only bounded finite access time for any location. (Ph. D. = Piled High and Deep, .) That is, a Zenonian duality makes the lazy eight point at infinity be both ∞ far away and quite close. It’s like squeezing an infinite number of meters into one vatometer via a Zenonian shrinking. You can view it dually, that is, the other end is both infinitely far away and within a Planck length away, accessible in one tick of Planck time due to the Zenonian access.

You can store info as bumps anywhere you like along the infinite expanse of eighth dimensional space. So the infinite accessible spike provides endless memory at every location, and thereby gives people endless eidetic memories and produces panpsychism.

By panpsychism, I meant that lazy eight adds an infinite amount of state to any physical system, even to an electron. Physics is no longer micro-reversible, for even if an electron is repeating it’s actions, it can “remember” that it did all this N times before. And thus everything awoke.

(Lazy Eight 3) Universal Entanglement

All the eighth-dimensional lines meet at a point at infinity, and due to the Zenonian metric this point is accessible. It’s like you took the vanishing point of a painting and made it be adjacent to every point in space. The point at infinity is ubiquitous. This accessible point at infinity acts as an entanglement channel that connects every point with every other point in synchronicity. A router, a switchboard, a nexus. This leads to omnividence and thence to teleportation, as well as to telepathy.

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  1. gamma Says:

    my good pal Eamonn dies he was drowned in the Sea – i loved him he went fer a swim he was buried last thursday in Hastings – now or gnosis that as the wake started with Bird on a Wire – i opened the papier Guardian 2 find out that he was dead – RAW it was & a looss fer ERIN (eris b ok we hopi indianz think) – thanx fer being there Rudy – we care here some ofd us yu know

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