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Taking a Break, New Zealand?, Links

I'm not going to be blogging much for a bit. Big news is that our daughter Isabel is getting married to Gus in Wyoming! And I'm thinking about a trip to New Zealand.

Are any of you dear readers New Zealanders? Let me know, maybe we can meet up. Random advice on NZ is welcome as well, should the trip come together

You can check out my website for Mathematicians in Love; just today I posted a nice review of I got in Publisher’s Weekly.

I did some work on my home page, listing the upcoming books and readings.

Catching up on links readers sent in: Abe Cofnas is working on using cellular automata for financial modeling. Always nice to see CAs in action.

Stephen Wolfram wrote an interesting essay in honor of Kurt Gdel’s hundredth birthday.

Marc Powell is doing weird and yummy things with food hacking.

My student Leo Lee is working at Apple on iPod games. He says to check out Vortex.

Michael Mays reports an interesting page on how the painter Rubens and Bruegel the Younger collaborated.

Be good.

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