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Postsingular proposal, Dick 'N Dubya Show

Thanks for all the useful comments about the postsingular world. I’ll say more about them after I process them further. Last week most of my energy went into revising my book proposal for Postsingular.

I even made up a diagram of the characters’ love interests. (The diagram contains “spoiler” info if you’re gonna read the book when it comes out in, God willing, eighteen months or two years. But there’s a good chance that the unpredictable class-four computation of the writing process will deviate from the diagram.)

The jagged dark lines trace the romance plotlines of the main and secondary characters. The vertical level of a line indicates how much love that row’s character has for the characters in the rows above and below. Thus a high line means the person loves the person in the row above; a low line means the individual loves the person in the row below. We think of the diagram as wrapping around vertically, so that Nektar is right above Craigor. Craigor’s line stops because he dies.

The things we writers do to avoid actually writing!

We were in San Francisco this weekend and saw a great show at a performance space at Valencia and 22nd called The Dick ‘n Dubya Show: A Republican Outreach Cabaret. It was so refreshing and liberating to be able to say “F*ck you” to Cheney’s face. And he gave as good as he got. Fortunately he didn't have his shotgun along.

We went with fellow SFictionist and SubGenius John Shirley, shown here with cartoonist-editor-writer Jay “Gnosis” Kinney and Jay’s wife Dixie.

Kal Spelletich wandered by.

As did Hal “Dr. Howl” Robbin.

Synchronicity in the lively Mission. I feel like the world is starting to help me with my Postsingular book — that often happens when I start a novel; the cosmos throws relevant scraps of info my way. The portrayal of Bush as airheaded, somewhat innocent although somewhat meanspirited, dumb, playful dupe is great for my Dick Too Dibbs character.

And I turned on the radio last night, and someone was talking about genius loci!

[The full moon amid a Pantheon dome of clouds last night.]

From Wikipedia: “In Roman mythology a genius loci was the protective spirit of a place. It was often depicted as a snake. In contemporary usage, ‘genius loci’ usually refers to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or a ‘spirit of place’, rather than necessarily a guardian spirit.”

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