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Lehar's Cartoon Essay on Epistemology, King Kong

My little essay on Panpsychism in the Annual Edge Question page is bringing in some interesting email.

Today I heard from Steve Lehar, who agrees with me that any object in the world has a certain amount of consciousness. Lehar has a very cool cartoon essay on epistemology, that is, on the nature of our immediate experiences of ourselves in the world.

My wife and I went to King Kong yesterday afternoon, it was good, a bit overlong, but some amazing effects. Best scene: a super-gross giant worm with a pink, toothy feeding tube swallowing an Australian guy's head. “G'day, mate! Coo-eee!” A penile vagina dentata swallowing a man with a beard — uuuurp! So nasty.

2 Responses to “Lehar's Cartoon Essay on Epistemology, King Kong”

  1. gamma Says:

    i took the kidz & my Ex-elaine 2 see this – i was very thirsty thru’out & there was no intermission,no usher to help us 2 da seats – i enjoyed it, its not often that i get out these days 2 movies i seem to waste my time trying to cross the hopebridge – it was 2 long wait for the DVD with the extras.
    what about a Scanner Darkly
    much chest banging & roaring

  2. Joe Ardent Says:

    You were referring to what were known at Weta Digital as the “pit slugs”, and I think you’ll agree, they provided the best death scene in that movie. You might also be tickled to hear that the honor of being killed in that best-death-scene went to Andy Serkis, who was the mo-cap actor for Kong himself (as well as Gollum from the Ring movies). I’m also pretty sure that Mr. Serkis is a Kiwi, not an Aussie 🙂
    -Joe, “ardent ‘at’ nebcorp ‘dot’ com”

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