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Happy Jelly Year. Edge Annual Question.

Today Bruce Sterling sends me a picture by Warwick Goble of a woman holding up a jellyfish. A suitable symbol for augury at the start of this new year.

And John Brockman's webzine Edge has posted responses to the annual Edge question; the 2006 question being “What is Your Dangerous Idea?” I'm honored to appear among the assembled answerers, arguing that everything is conscious and that therefore death is in some measure inconsequential — perhaps causing some to ponder, “Who let that guy in?”

2 Responses to “Happy Jelly Year. Edge Annual Question.”

  1. Jason Leary Says:

    There are hard pansychists and soft pansychists .Soft pansychists beleive that there is a rudimentary sort of proto-consciousness in *some* operations of matter and energy . I favor soft pansychism .

  2. Jason Leary Says:

    P.S. The jellygirl is quite exquiisitely cute !

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