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Student Blogs on Computation and Reality

I finished my Philosophy and Computation class. It was fun to teach again. Two of the students made blogs for their semester projects. Lots of interesting stuff. Emil's is in a more finished state. Check ‘em out.

Emil Rojas

Greg Garcia

The photos today are of a reversible CA installation with video feedback by my student John Bruneau, also from the same class.

Most of the lectures are online in podcast form. Click the button to access them.

3 Responses to “Student Blogs on Computation and Reality”

  1. Greg Garcia Says:

    Thanks again for an entertaining semester, Rudy. I found your book and your course to be a very ‘user-friendly’, which was great for a semi-computer guy like me who’d only taken a handful of classes in C++ in high school (but played a LOT of video games!), and provided some thought-provoking ideas in a way that I found to be both accessible and refreshing.
    Have a great holiday and best wishes to you & your family. Take care.

  2. John Bruneau Says:

    Thank you for coming out of retirement to teach again, even if it was just for one more time. Looking back, I’m beginning to appreciate that class even more so now. I have classmates asking me when it will be offered again. I have to tell them they should have taken the opportunity when they had the chance because I just don’t know. For me this was the perfect class to conclude my life as a master’s student. I’m ironing the kinks out of my thesis paper right now. I’ll send you a rough copy soon but you’ll have to excuse me, I’m not an author by any means and to me the written word is an unruly beast. Thanks again for such a great class and posting links to Emil and Greg’s work. I hope to run into everyone from the class again some day.

  3. John Bruneau Says:

    I have both my paper and video online now:

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