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No ads, Big bro’s tattoo, Phil final

Hey, I decided I didn't like seeing the Google AdSense ads on my page, so I'm taking them off. I was feeling like those unfaithful public servants who name stadiums after a different company every year. For $10 a month? Reading up on the topic, I came across this new slobbering greed-word, “monetize.” I decided to demonetize my site. Now if I had a clickstream like boing boing, maybe it'd be another story, but for me the decision's easy.

My big brother Embry got a tattoo in August and I just found out. He says his kids did doubletakes like never before. He got it in California; he told his wife he was gonna go look at the tattoo parlor, and she said, “Oh, you're always looking but you never get one.” But this time he did. It's a seahorse to symbolize his love of diving, with wings relating to the fact that he’s a pilot. The old objection, “You’ll have that thing for the rest of your life,” doesn’t have much force at our age!

I like his expression in the picture. A real pheezer. Blank Reg from Max Headroom. We are from Kentucky, you know.

Anyone messes with me, my big brother’ll kick their butt!

Mild-mannered dreamer prof that I am, I obviously need protecting.

I gave my my final lecture in Philosophy 115 at SJSU yesterday, based on Chapter 6 of my tome. Includes discussion of my ambivalence about how to end the book, panpsychism, ontolgies, unsolvability, computational equivalence, unpredictability, undecidability, and my six principles on how to be happy. I posted the podcast today.

I also posted some sample questions for the final exam.

Here's a little monetization (my style): give the Good Book for Christmas; in stores now!

7 Responses to “No ads, Big bro’s tattoo, Phil final”

  1. Marshall Says:

    Thanks for removing the ads, Rudy.
    And, yes let’s demonetize some more.
    Maybe we even could demonetize money some day.

  2. gamma Says:

    2day missed that big ape is it about 57 various objex projex onward 2ward 13th flaw

  3. Kathryn Cramer Says:

    I cut my ads way back a while ago. Kanoodle could only find eight bucks worth of revenue in 300,000 visitors for the month of Spetember, so I kicked them out. Google AdSense I’m thinking about canning. On the other hand, I make three figures off of BlogAds, so I’m keeping that monetization.

  4. gamma Says:

    i am informed that mr sheckley died on the 9th of December the wire was unplugged with the crystal attached
    bless yu all & so on

  5. loyal student Says:

    Darn I missed the ads. I haven’t been here since the christmas parade
    Speaking of tatoos I just got mine at the beginning of this year (can’t say that much longer) it is a kind of symbol for comp-is-everything and it is the icon there: 0, 1, 2, infinity. It was something I thought about for years and then when I came up with a symbol I liked it took me a year to face the needle. BTW, don’t let anyone fool ya, it hurts.

  6. Shannon Samantha Says:

    I’m online looking for a seahorse tattoo. Using and the “images” option, I came across the picture of your brother. Personally, I believe tattoos are simple birthmarks we weren’t born with, but born to have. Kudos to your bro for finally getting it and not just window shopping. It’s hard to do, when it comes to tattoos.
    Also, I kept on reading and, well then! You have a book. And you taught about it, I understand? That’s awesome. Now my curiousity has arose, and I MUST go get your book. I don’t even knowwhat it’s about, but I love to read, and you seem like a pretty nifty guy. I thought, what kinds of things do interresting people publish?
    That is my mission.
    Thank you,
    Shannon Samantha

  7. David Morin Says:

    Hey.. Nice tatto on your shoulder.. And thanks for removing the ads from your site.. It’s enable to search for your various post easily. Thanks..

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