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Debate Today: Can Machines Think?

Thursday, November 10th

Topic: “Will Computers Ever be Alive or Intelligent?”

Dr. Noam Cook, “No.”

Dr. Rudy Rucker, “Yes.”

4:30pm – 6:00pm

Martin Luther King Library, Room 225B

(On the San Jose State University campus at 4th St. & San Fernando St., San Jose, California.)

B there or B square.

Slightly nervous about this. I have to speak first, which is never an advantage. Will try and podcast it.

3 Responses to “Debate Today: Can Machines Think?”

  1. leptonic mass Says:

    Yes! Where is the podcast? That would be lovely.

  2. Janice G. Says:

    “Will try and podcast it”

    Is there a link to the podcast? Thanks!

  3. Rudy Says:

    Janice, I don’t think I managed to tape this debate. But I did tape and podcast a lecture on the topic of machine consciousness around the same time. See my lecture “Philosophy and Computers 7” at this page of my Gigadial station.

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