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COOP Cheescake, 4D Links

I’m catching up on some links.

LA artist and hotrodder COOP sent me a link to a cool series of entries on his Positive Ape blog, relating to twenty-five stages in constructing the painting whose final version I show above. Well, actually the painting is so intensely erotic that I felt uneasy about posting it as-is on my “family blog” type site, harrumph, so I used the PhotoShop Pixelate:Crystallize filter on it.

Bill Meikle wrote about a mystical experience produced by looking at a hypercube drawing! The picture above is actually of a so-called 600-cell, which is a more complicated kind of 4D object, as shown in my favorite 4D visualization program, ”Hyperspace Polytope Slicer”, by Mark Newbold.

It seems like I get a lot of email about the fourth dimension. Hugh Reid posted a speculation about the fourth dimension and visual reorientation illusions. French physician Jean-Perre Jourdan posted a paper about the fourth dimension and near-death experiences. The picture above is from my notes on “Surfing An Einstein-Rosen Bridge” for my novel Mathematicians In Love which I am about to start revising, having gotten some good suggestions from my Tor editor David Hartwell.

4 Responses to “COOP Cheescake, 4D Links”

  1. COOP Says:

    HA! I kinda like how it looks all pixelated!

  2. Steve H Says:

    Pay attention to Hartwell. He is a wise man, and his shirts are from another dimension.

  3. gamma Says:

    The Great Nations HAVE ALWAYS acted like gangsters,and the small nations like prostitutes –
    (not SKing)
    but it is like Stanley Knife (sharp)

  4. Hugh Reid Says:

    Hey thanks for the mention of my speculation Rudy!
    Take care,

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