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We’re in NYC for a few days, visiting Georgia and seeing my editors. I had an odd moment in the airport; there were un-turn-offable ceiling-mounted TVs irradiating every single seat in the waiting lounge with a Presidential Address. It reminded me so much of Half Life 2 where you keep passing these screens with the same talking face, endlessly lying, devoid of any compassion or information. Or like Big Brother in 1984. Odd that we actally live in a world as weirdly skewed as a videogame. And that we're passively letting it happen.

Anyway, today we went to the new MOMA NY to check it out. Lots of lines. I did a Lynndie.

Incredible all the modern masterpieces hanging around in the museum. Dali’s The Persistence of Memory is tiny, like a Robert Williams painting, very clear and reproducible — I was being jostled by a crowd of fellow worshippers. I’d like La Hampa to look like this. That jellyfish thing on the ground always reminds me of a line in William Burroughs The Soft Machine: “You win something rike jellyfish, mister. Or it win you.”

Then a bit of shopping. The Macy's store here has more clothes than most cities.

Aren't these beautiful boots?

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