Bookmarks For Making Ebooks and Paperbacks
by Rudy Rucker

November 19, 2013

I've been working with publishing ebooks and paperback POD (print on demand) books for nearly two years now. It's been a long learning process, and I'm nowhere near done. Like hacking my way through a jungle with a machete.

Generally, the best way to get an answer to a question is to Google search with the main words of your question and look through the links that you find. The official help files for given software products aren't always the best sources of info.

As a public service I thought I'd make the following links available. I've grouped them into two sections: Epublishing and POD Publishing. I like to keep my links alphabetized, so I've prefixed the titles of my most-used links with "AAA."

The categories listed include

Calibre (free program for converting between EPUB, HTML, and MOBI)
Dreamweaver (Adobe program for working with HTML files)
Lulu, NOOK, and KDP (ebook distributors)
CreateSpace and Lightning (POD book distributors)
ID (InDesign, Adobe program for designing print books)
There ought to be some links for Sigil (free program for creating EPUB files), but there aren't.

Some of my early musings on Ebooks can be found in my ebook, How To Make An Ebook.

I'm so worn out from making my new book, The Big Aha, that I don't have the energy to write a How To Make A POD Book. So for now this list of links must suffice.

Have fun. If you can call this kind of thing fun...




AAA E-junkie (Sellers) - Admin
AAA ISBN My Identifiers | Bowker | Identifier Services
AAA KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing): Bookshelf
AAA Lulu
Adobe - Digital Editions
BARNES & NOBLE | Rudy Rucker
Calibre User Manual
Dreamweaver Troubleshooting links
ebook how to - CNET Reviews
Ebook Conversion — calibre User Manual
Ebook convert straight quotes to curly quotes
eBook Formatting Paul Salvette in Bangkok:
Ebook, making your text Kindle-Friendly
Ebook: EPUB, MOBI, AZW and PDF Formats
Ebook: Fonts used in various eReaders?
Ebook: Fonts, CSS Font Stack
EPUB A Basic Sigil Tutorial
EPUB adding to iBooks via ITunes
Epub avoid split into several html files? - MobileRead Forums
Epub Format Construction Guide - HXA7241 - 2007
EPUB Open Packaging Format (OPF) 2.0.1 v1.0
EPUB Overview — Sigil v0.4.1 documentation
ePub putting on Your iPad
Epub Reader For Windows 7
EPUB Reader Windows Software
EPUB Sigil Splitting Pages
EPUB tables MobileRead
EPUB to MOBI Conversion [Left Margin Problem] « Morning Cup O' Joe
Font Size and Color — Support —
HTML - image as large as possible
HTML Anchor Bookmark Tag Links
HTML CSS Cheatsheet
HTML Fix Dreamweaver problem with large DOC import
HTML for the Kindle with Blockquote
HTML for the Kindle with Blockquote
HTML into ebook Sample Code
HTML online preview TryIt Editor
HTML td tag
ISBN buy and use at
Kindle Cover Size
Kindle eBook how to| Amazon Kindle 3 and Kindle DX Review and News Blog
Kindle from PDF
Kindle Guide Flags in a MOBI. "Start"
Kindle OPF, Guide
kindle-guide.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Lulu Book Distribution
PDFs splitting into multiple documents
Piracy Alert (Scribd)

POD Publishing

AAA Lightning Source Log In
AAA Log In - CreateSpace
AAA Login ISDN on Bowker
Amazon Author Central
Color Acrobat 9: Output Preview and Conversion « Layers Magazine
Color. ID PDF, Pantone colours look dull in Acrobat Professional
Color: AdobeRGB, sRGB or what?
Color: Work Process for Best Colors...
CreateSpace Bleed on Cover Template
CreateSpace Book Cost Calculator
CreateSpace Community: Creating a PDF for Print
CreateSpace Gutter Margin
CreateSpace Margins
CreateSpace Post Editorial Reviews on Amazon
CreateSpace Pre Order sales
Createspace vs. Lightning Source Costs
Createspace., Craddock's Be Not Content
CreateSpace: Cover Template
CreateSpace: Self Publishing and Free Distribution for Books, CD, DVD
CS Entering addresses to ship to customers?
Dreamweaver: "Clean Up Word HTML" Error
htaccess file for limiting access to a directory
ID Anchor A Graphics Frame
ID Baseline Grid
ID Chapter names in header
ID crashes at startup
ID Creating book files
ID EPUB CS6 Export as EPUB
ID EPUB Exporting EPUB
ID Export to HTML
ID Fix Italic Overrides
ID Flow: Adding Text with Flow
ID Flow: Why is Smart Text Reflow so hard?
ID Headers
ID Highlight Overrides Script
ID How to Anchor Objects InDesign (not very helpful)
ID Import Graphics
ID Import Styles
ID Import Word file
ID Improve justified type settings
ID insert page spreads--Allow Pages To Shuffle
ID Justification
ID Keep Words Together with No Break
ID Keyboard shortcuts
ID Laying out frames and pages
ID Making a Book file (video)
ID Margin Sizes
ID Margins and Columns
ID Master pages
ID optical margin
ID Optical Margin
ID Page Numbering Tricks
ID Place graphics in a graphics frame
ID Remove Defaults and Saved Data
ID Running Header Text Variables Chap Title
ID save as Ebook
ID Suggested Layout Tips
ID Table Of Contents
ID Tabs and indents
ID Thread and Flow Text
ID Unlink a text file (the hard way)
ID Use Odd Page Break between Chaps
ID Why ugly <span> tags in EPUB Export? Local overrides.
ID Working with graphics frames
ID Working with Word and InDesign
Image Word Resize Image Macro
InDesign Page numbering
Indie Author: Lulu vs. CreateSpace: Which Is More Economical For The DIY Author?
Lightning Color Shephard New 2013
Lightning / CreateSpace Pricing: Shepard Plan B (old)
Lightning / CreateSpace Pricing: Shepard Plan C (new)
Lightning B&W pricings
Lightning Book Cost Calculator
LIghtning Color prices
Lightning cover template
Lightning Creation Guide
Lightning Source 101 (Lightning Source Inc., print on demand, self publishing companies)
Lightning Standard vs Premium Color
MONKEYBRAINS - Support - Basic Auth
Proof Better-Looking Full Justification for Paragraphs in WORD
Proof Remove dupicate words in WORD
PS Em dash and en dash in Photoshop text — Photoshop for Windows —
PS Fixed size selection
Reviews (Booklist Online)
Reviews (Library Journal)
Reviews (Publisher's Weekly)
Rudy's Blog Making a High-Quality Picture Book
Word: Removing Unused Styles
ID Print/Don't Print Frame Outline