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How to Make a Team Website

One of the best ways for a team to share their code and stay in synch with each other is to make a website for their project. One of my students, Rich Prillinger, made a nice website like this and has also made some tools available for you to use to make your own project site. Prillinger's Page.


How To Use DirectX for Sound and Networking

It's pretty easy to use DirectX sound with the Pop framework. The big win is that then you can pay two sounds on top of each other. My Spring, 2003, CS 134 student Tom Mensch has created a *.zip file which has the necessary files and a text file explaining what to do. Note that a Pop build of this type will only run on machines that have DirectX installed. Download Tom Mensch's DirectX Sound Files.

The redoubtable Tom Mensch has found a way to fuse DirectPlay with the Pop framework so as to allow multiplayer mode over the Net. I haven't had a chance to go over his code carefully, so this download is strictly a beta test version. I hope to eventually smooth it in with one of our main releases. Download Tom Mensch's Merge of DirectPlay with Pop Build 28_8.

Note that to develop with Direct X, you need the free Direct X Software Development Kit, Version 9, a 230 Meg download.

Rucker's Writings on Games

I went to my first Game Developer's Conference in San Jose in March, 2001. Here's my report on what I saw at the GDC, I call it "Spending Your Triangles."

It's possible to think of game designing as a metaphor for the emergence of consciousness. See my "Note on Games, AI, and the Philosophy of Mind."

Develop a Game for the Independent Games Festival Student Game Showcase!

The Game Developer's Conference, annually held in March in San Jose, California, hosts the Independent Games Festival, which shows of independent developer games and student-written games. You can download some of this year's Student Showcase games at the IGF site. If you are interested in submitting your own game, get information about the Student Game Showcase. The next Game Developer's Conference you could submit for will be in March 2004, and the deadline for that Student Showcase application form will probably be in December, 2003. Interested SJSU students should get in touch with Rucker about developing a game for the Showcase. One of Rucker's current assigments at SJSU is to encourage student teams to enter games in the contest, so do give this serious thought!

A Java Version of Asteroids

Although we don't plan to port the Pop framework to Java, this demo code shows that it is possible to get reasonable speed with a Java game. The code is derived from work by Mike Hall.


Other Game-Related Courses:

Stanford's Computer Game Competition. The course project for the Introduction to Computer Graphics course at Stanford is a 3D computer game using OpenGL.

Game Developer Sites:





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