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January, 2019
Turing & Burroughs — Intro by Eileen Gunn

Mathematicians in Love — Intro by Gregory Benford
March, 2019
Saucer Wisdom — Intro by Bruce Sterling

White Light — Intro by John Shirley
May, 2019
Million Mile Road Trip — Intro by Marc Laidlaw
July, 2019
The Big Aha — Intro by Paul Di Filippo

Spacetime Donuts — Intro by Richard Kadrey
September, 2019
Jim and the Flims — Intro by Cory Doctorow

The Sex Sphere — Intro by Annalee Newitz
November, 2019
The Secret of Life — Intro by Kim Stanley Robinson

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Night Shade Announcement

Here’s some exciting news: we have a ten-book deal with the incomparable SF legend Rudy Rucker! We’ll be reissuing a number of novels from years past, publishing a few novels that had only been available through Rucker' TransrealBooks, and—for the cherry on top—releasing a brand new novel, Million Mile Road Trip.

Rucker is an award-winning writer and a mathematician known for a unique take on science fiction, especially bio-technology and the possibilities that developing software and wetware hold for the future. His writing, including more than twenty novels, frequently highlights a quirky sense of humor and penchant for the unusual (Turing & Burroughs, a novel that fictionalizes a relationship between Alan Turing and William S. Burroughs, turns both into giant slugs; his new novel, Million Mile Road Trip, is an On The Road-esque science fiction take on counterculture featuring a flying station wagon with monster truck tires and electric guitars that grow on vines).

Rucker was a pivotal figure in the early cyberpunk scene alongside John Shirley, Bruce Sterling, and William Gibson. That group carved out a influential and unique take on science fiction that drew comparisons to Beat Generation writers like Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac (Rucker himself has pointed out strong similarities between the two groups, penning an essay in which he suggests his own analog from the beat writers would be Burroughs, who shares his “scientific streak and an antic sense of humor”).

Rucker also coined the term “transrealism” to describe science fiction writing that incorporates autobiographical elements into the storytelling. Much of Rudy’s writing qualifies; several novels go so far as to include the author himself as a main character, and some of his work was originally marketed as non-fiction in a tongue-and-cheek nod to the grey line between fact and fiction.

Deal hatched by Jeremy Lassen. Acquired and produced by Cory Allyn.
Cover Art by Bill Carman, Cover Design by Claudia Noble.

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