Rudy Rucker's "How To" Files

How To Make an Ebook

"How to Make an Ebook" — four posts on Rudy's Blog, updated 2016.
"InDesign for Print and Ebooks" — notes online, updated 2016. (New!)

How To Write

A Writer's Toolkit — short book online as PDF, updated in 2012.
Notes on Writing — webpage with many documents, updated in 2016.
"Comparing Writing and Painting" — blog post, 2012.

How to Be Happy

"The Answers" — section of The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul, 2005, entire book online.
"The Central Teachings of Mysticism" — 1982, from Collected Essays, online.

How to Stay Alive (Rudy's Version)

Journals 1990-2014 — full book online.