Photos for Rudy Rucker, NESTED SCROLLS


Photos for Nested Scrolls

This page shows some of the photographs used to illustrate Nested Scrolls, the autobiography of Rudy Rucker. And more photos as well.  When possible, the photos are shown in color rather than in black and white.

Unless otherwise noted, the images are Copyright (c) Rudy Rucker 2011. The images can, however, be reproduced for purposes of reviews or commentary.

This page was last updated October 21, 2011.


1882. Portrait of Rudy’s grandfather, Rudolf von Bitter, as a boy.


1948. Rudy learning to walk at his birthplace, a rented farmhouse, with his mother Marianne and brother Embry.


1948. Rudy, aged two, in the back yard of his home at 620 Rudy Lane, Louisville. Kentucky.


1953. Rudy and Embry aboard the Karl Fisser, bound for Hanover, Germany.



1957. Rudy and his family: father Embry, mother Marianne, brother Embry. Photo by Hal Taylor.


1959. Rudy. Photo by Hal Taylor.


1965. Rudy and Greg Gibson in the Mary Lyons dormitory, Swarthmore College.


1968. Rudy in the Mary Lyons dorm, Swarthmore College.


1968. Rudy and Sylvia with Friedl the dachshund at the family cabin in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.


1970. Daughter Georgia, with Roger Shatzkin, Rudy, Sylvia, and Greg Gibson in Highland Park, New Jersey.


1970. Rudy studying the mathematics of Set Theory in Highland Park with a photo of William Burroughs.


1971. Rudy with a painting in a gallery, probably in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


1973. Rudy and Georgia with their flame-painted car in Geneseo, New York.


1973. At Roger Shatzkin’s rented farm house in New Jersey.


1977. Rudy after a commencement ceremony at the State University College in Geneseo, New York.


1978. Rudy’s office at the college in Geneseo. Blackboard has a Set Theory result he’d recently proved.


1981. Rudy on brother Embry’s motorcycle with a hand-rolled cigarette.


1982. Rudy onstage singing with his Dead Pigs punk band in Lynchburg, Virginia.


1982. Abandoned building where Rudy rented an office for writing. Church Street, Lynchburg, Virginia.


1982. Rudy with his Selectric typewriter in the new office.


1983. Rudy ascending the Breithorn with a guide in Zermatt, Switzerland.


1983. Acceptance speech at the first Philip K. Dick award ceremony in a Manhattan loft.


1983. William Gibson visiting in Lynchburg, Virginia, after a con in Baltimore.


1983. Bruce Sterling in Lynchburg as well.


1983. A hypercube model representing sixteen cubes, made as a sixteenth wedding anniversary card for Sylvia.


1984. Rudy Jr., Georgia, and Isabel in cyberpunk wear.


1986. New San Francisco friend Marc Laidlaw shows off his snake.


1986. A visit with Robert Sheckley in Venice Beach, California.


1987. Dennis "Sta-Hi" Poague ready for a Beastie Boys concert with Rudy, Los Gatos, California.


1987. Rudy and his second-hand surfboard in Santa Cruz, California.


1988. With Arf on the Santa Cruz beach, threatening to offer him up to Neptune.


1992. With the Mondo 2000 crew: R. U. Sirius, Bart Nagel, and Queen Mu. Berkeley, California. Photo by Bart Nagel.


1992. Ad for Rudy’s Mandelbrot set play, "As Above, So Below," Fort Worth, Texas.


1995. With Jon Pearce at a celebration in Santa Cruz.


1996. Sober Rudy drinking coconut milk in the South Pacific kingdom of Tonga.


1996. Rudy with a giant bean he found in Tonga, see Realware for details.


1997. Greg Gibson posing as Frank Shook for a Wired pitch meeting. Los Gatos, California.


1998. Demonstrating cellular automata at an Artificial Life convention at UCLA, Los Angeles, California.


1998. Hollywood meeting with Stuart Volkow and director Scott Billups.


1998. Working on a drawing of a leaf-blower for Saucer Wisdom in Kauai, Hawaii.


2002. With a Bosch painting in Ghent, Belgium.


2003. With Paul Di Fillipo at H. P. Lovecraft’s grave in Providence, Rhode Island.


2003. A "nested scrolls" or Belusov-Zhabotinsky-style cellular automaton designed by Rudy.


2004. Rudy with a cone shell—see Mathematicians in Love.


2004. Rudy visits Geneseo and shows his old White Light house to a class of students studying his work.


2004. Rudy and literary mentor Anselm Hollo after a reading at Naropa University, Colorado.


2004. Last class at the San Jose State. Photo by Alvin Cho.


2005. With Gregory Benford at the Cantor Art museum at Stanford.


2005. Rudy Jr. beats me at Go once again.


2005. Underwater in scuba gear brother Embry near the island of Yap in the South Pacific.


2005. With Embry on a dive boat near Palau.


2005. In Jellyfish Lake near Palau. See Mathematicians in Love.


2005. A fresh paprika in central Hungary.


2005. Collage with the Tang Fat hotel, see Mathematicians in Love.


2005. With Stephen Wolfram in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


2006. With fellow mathematician and computer scientist Michael Beeson in Santa Cruz.


2006. With hacker-king Bill Gosper in Mountain View, California.


2006. Dressed for a Halloween rock concert.


2006. Speaking at Industrial Light & Magic in the Presidio of San Francisco.


2006. Fellow author Richard Kadrey in San Francisco.


2006. Near "Mordor" in New Zealand.


2006. With artist friend Paul Mavrides, see Freeware.


2006. My father’s gravestone, with brother Embry.


2006. Bay Area SF writers Terry Bisson and John Shirley.


2006. At COOP’s Los Angeles studio with a giant statue of a "Unipusker," see Frek and the Elixir.


2007. Lost and scared in Big Basin Park, near Boulder Creek, California. See Hylozoic.


2007. At the Hieronymus Bosch center in s’Hertogenbosch, his home town in the Netherlands. See Hylozoic.


2007. Another shot of Gregory Gibson as Frank Shook.


2007. Mobbed by Japanese schoolgirls aboard a bus in Kyoto, Japan.


2007. Practicing my Peace sign in Kyoto.


2007. A talk on cyberpunk and psipunk at the University of Osaka, Japan.


2007. My work area at a painting workshop at Caunes in the south of France. Big painting illustrates Hylozoic.


2007. With Sylvia at my show in the Live Worms gallery, North Beach, San Francisco, California.


2008. Painting in my back yard.


2008. At the "magic door" arch at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California. See Mathematicians in Love.


2008. With sphere-painting artist, Dick Termes in Spearfish, North Dakota.


2009. The family at daughter Isabel’s exhibition of Unfurling, a graphic novel in the form of a giant 450 foot long cartoon strip, SoMARTS gallery, San Francisco. Penny, Rudy Jr., Gus, Isabel, Georgia, Rudy, Sylvia.


2009. The family on a beach vacation at Santa Cruz.


2010. Taking a walk on my sixty-fourth birthday, Los Gatos, California.


2010. Prints of some new cubic fractals.


2010. Selling prints of my paintings at a con in Pasadena, California.