Free online and ebook edition of Mirrorshades, as edited by Bruce Sterling.
by Rudy Rucker, posted September 2022, revised November 2023.
Note that the book is not public domain, nor is it Creative Commons.
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Praise for Bruce Sterling's Mirrorshades

“A wild and potent collection by some of the brightest new writers in science fiction, mixing technology with desire, flashing futures within a starred mirror.” —Roger Zelazny

“. . . filled with surreal visionary intensity. They are often sexy, occasionally lewd, always frightening, are filled with black humor, obsessed with the interface of high-tech and pop underground, and always fascinating.” —Fantasy Review

“The hip, musically literate high-tech movement known as ‘cyberpunk’ has rocked the once-nerdy precincts of ‘hard’ science fiction... Raymond Chandler on uppers.” —The Village Voice

“Cyberpunks thrive in a niche where high-tech and high-literature interface. They write hard-edged macrofiction that is ripe with ideas, gracefully written and appropriate to this age of instantaneous global communication and babies whelped in petri ishes.” —Wall Street Journal

“The high-tech language and experimental styles of Greg Bear, William Gibson and other new wave writers provide a kaleidoscopic vision of tomorrow’s brave new world.” —Library Journal