All The Visions

All The Visions

by Rudy Rucker
Transreal Books
Hardback, paperback and ebook.
150 pages.

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All the Visions is a short autobiographical novel that Rucker wrote In 1983. The new edition has a cover painting based on the photo shown above. Wanting to emulate Jack Kerouac's composition of On the Road, Rucker typed All the Visions on an 80-foot scroll of paper instead of using separate sheets. The book describes the adventures of Conrad Bunger: mathematician, writer, seeker, rebel, freak.

Much of the material from All the Visions made its way into the transreal SF novels of the Transreal Trilogy.


Preface to All The Visions, describing the origins of the book.

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"Rucker Songs" musical version of a passage from All The Visions, along with a passage from the book's end.

Podcasts of the author's talks and readings.


An interesting memoir by a great transreal author. If you like any of Rucker's books and want to know more about him this is an excellent choice. I sometimes forgot if it was fiction or nonfiction (just love that Rudy). On the Zig-Zag scale, it scores an unprecedented slo-burning kut-kornered 9!Reader review on Amazon.

Reviews of Rucker's other memoir, Nested Scrolls:

Immensely entertaining, spirited and deep. Rudy Rucker at his thoughtful best.
-- Greg Bear

Pleasantly meandering, chattily digressive read. We hear the authentic voice of the beat, the hippie, the cyberpunk, the hacker, and the revolutionary iconoclast.
-- Locus

 It makes for a fascinating story,  and reads like Rucker's novels, packed with adventures, filled with humor, and often quite surreal.
-- Booklist